UAE doctor removes sharp metallic object from Pakistani expat’s eye, saves his vision

An ophthalmologist doctor saved the vision of a Pakistani ex-pat by carefully removing a 4x4 mm sharp metallic object from his eye.

An ophthalmologist doctor saved the vision of a Pakistani ex-pat by carefully removing a 4×4 mm sharp metallic object from his eye.

A 37-year-old, Anwar Hussain, is a storekeeper who works in Sharjah. He got critical injuries in his left eye while fixing a machine at home.


Hussain stated that he was trying to fix a faulty drilling machine when he felt something sprung up and hit his left eye. It was excruciatingly painful, he said.

His roommates panicked to see blood dripping from his eye and rushed him to Aster Hospital, Qusais, for further treatment. He was taken to the ICU of the hospital.

The critical care team consulted specialist ophthalmology, Dr Boopathy Murugavel, at Aster Hospital, Qusais.

Dr Murugavel stated that Hussain was in extreme pain when he came to them. He told him that he was hit by a metallic object in the eye while trying to fix a machine.

Dr Murugavel stated that his eye was filled with blood, and they performed an X-ray and an ultrasound, and the report disclosed the presence of a triangular object in his left eye.

As per the doctor, removing the metallic object was challenging for him, and the thing had not touched his retina. A minor scar or injury in the centre part of the retina could have resulted in complete vision loss. Furthermore, metallic objects in the eyes experience a chemical reaction and can lead to irreversible sight loss.”


Dr Murugavel added that there was a risk of the sharp object falling back in the eyes during the removal procedure, but it was a success, and it was removed without any complications.

The patient was discharged from the hospital two days after the eye surgery. A check-up after a week discovered him doing well with no complications impacting his vision.

Tariq Saeed


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