Dubai: Man trying to smuggle black magic items caught by customs officials

A traveller was captured by customs officials trying to smuggle black magic contraband into UAE's Dubai.

A traveller was captured by customs officials trying to smuggle black magic contraband into UAE’s Dubai.

The man possessed illegal items, which comprised talismans, rings, amulets, belts and bracelets of animal skin that were tied to his waist and hidden under his clothes after he landed at Dubai International Airport.


Customs officers became suspicious of the man’s behaviour and saw a bulge around his waist.

They then found the items related to the practice of witchcraft and sorcery after an investigation.

The director of passenger operations at Dubai Customs, Khalid Ahmed, stated that he was passing the customs point, and officers suspected the passenger as he looked confused and his waist area was swelled.

The authorities said that the man if from an unspecified African nation and was referred to Dubai Police for questioning. The incident happened earlier this month.

Practising witchcraft/ black magic or trying to smuggle sorcery items is considered illegal under Article 316 of the UAE’s Penal Code. People caught smuggling black magic objects will be subjected to imprisonment and penalties.

Dubai Customs stated that over 68 kilograms of black magic items were captured at Dubai International Airport between 2018 and 2020.


Other items that customs officers earlier captured included worry beads, knives, magic books, and bags comprising fish skeletons, bones as well as blood.

Dubai Customs stated that its efforts in creating awareness regarding carrying such items have helped to prevent the number of smuggling attempts.

Mr Ahmed stated that items that could be related to black magic or sorcery are forbidden under a decree by the GCC Financial and Economic Co-operation Committee.

He further added that the inspector is the first line of defence to safeguard society from dangerous and threatening items. The officers are professional in reading the body language after special training courses and utilising advanced equipment.

Tariq Saeed


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