Dubai: Criminal court charges 2 for human trafficking and forcing African woman into prostitution

Two individuals, a man and woman, has been sentenced to three years by Dubai criminal court for the charges of human trafficking.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Two individuals, a man and woman, has been sentenced to three years by Dubai criminal court for the charges of human trafficking. As per reports, both humans brought a lady to the United Arab Emirates then forced her into prostitution.

The Dubai criminal court also announced the deportation of both the accused on the charge of human trafficking. The reports mention that the African woman was forcibly brought by the accused to the Middle East state and held into an apartment while forcing her into prostitution. The case was registered in the previous year.


The victim filed a complaint about the incident to the passing by officers of the Dubai Police Force.

During the investigations, the victim further revealed that she was receiving several offers from her one friend to work as a maid (housekeeper) for a family residing in the United Arab Emirates.

The victim said she could not deny the offer as she required money to feed and support her family. The accused sent her the tickets for the flight (paying all of the expenses of her travel).

“When I landed at the airport, the man was there to receive me”, cited the victim, adding that he then took her to meet another African woman (accused).

The victim, in her testimony, further informed she earlier also tried to escape the apartment many times but eventually failed. At last, she managed to fool the accused, pretending to be ill and saying that she needs medication, after which the victim was permitted to go with a man. She tricked the man and fled from the place, went to one of her known’s place, where she was provided shelter by her male friend.

The victim’s male friend then contacted one of the accused, asking for the girl’s passport. The accused agreed and asked the man to meet them, during which they assaulted and beat up while asking him about the place he safely gave shelter to the victim.


Both of the culprits then went to the place, being escorted to the apartment. Walking with the accused, the victim saw a police patrol and went down to them, asking for assistance.

Tariq Saeed


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