Dubai doctors successfully perform leg-lengthening surgery on a young boy

A young boy in Dubai who was suffering from a rare bone condition had successful leg-lengthening surgery to make him well.

A young boy in Dubai who was suffering from a rare bone condition had successful leg-lengthening surgery to make him well.

The boy named Eyad Emadeldin Mousa Ali, aged 12 was born with a rare disease, tibial hemimelia, in which all or portion of the tibia, the shinbone, is not in the body.


If the bone is missing in one leg of any individual, the condition is known as a leg length discrepancy, as per the doctors.

Eyad’s one leg grew usually, but the other one was 11 cm shorter, due to which he was not able to walk properly.

Doctors in Dubai said that he required surgery that would lengthen his leg. Without it, he will face problems with his pelvis and spine.

During this procedure, a metal rod was put inside his bone, and a device that gradually moves the two ends of the bone apart was attached. As space between the two ends enlarges, bone grows in.

Almost after three years of surgeries and follow-up care by a paediatric orthopaedic surgeon and limb reconstruction specialist, Dr Anand Gorva, at Medcare Orthopaedic Hospital in Dubai, Eyad is swimming and walking with his friends.

The first operation on him was conducted in October 2019 at Medcare Orthopaedic Hospital.


Another operation of Eyad took place at Medcare Orthopaedic in July 2020, and the cast was removed after three months and then a brace was put on at that point.

In spite of the daily challenges of the frame around the leg of Eyad, he excelled in his homeschooling with a 95% score. He was later taken for a visit to a Ferrari showroom in Dubai and a trip around the city in his favourite sports car.

Eyad can now walk properly and swim with his friends, but despite his excellent progress, he has to face two more operations in the forthcoming years as he grows.


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