Dubai EXPO 2020: Full awards list of “Best Pavilions”

A pavilion has been recognized for three aspects which are - Architecture and landscape (for self-built pavilions only), exhibition design, and theme interpretation. 

Abu Dhabi, UAE: Today marks the last day of the Dubai EXPO 2020 mega-event, following which the award list of the “best pavilions” has been released. The pavilions of the different countries were judged divided into five categories on the basis of size and type. 

A pavilion has been recognized for three aspects which are – Architecture and landscape (for self-built pavilions only), exhibition design, and theme interpretation.  


A total of fifty-one (51) awards, including Gold, Silver, and Bronze, were given during the handover ceremony, which took place in Jubilee Park. 

Awards list for Architecture and landscape – 

  • Category A (larger than 2,500m2)

Gold- Saudi Arabia

Silver – Switzerland

Bronze – China

  • Category B (between 1,750m2 and 2,500m2)

Gold – Netherlands


Silver – Austria

Bronze – Gulf Cooperation Council

  • Category C (less than 1,750m2)

Gold – Singapore

Silver – Finland

Bronze – Qatar 

Awards list for Exhibition Design –

  • Category A

Gold – Japan

Silver – Pakistan 

Bronze – Spain

  • Category B

Gold – Peru

Silver – Poland

Bronze – Egypt

  • Category C

Gold – Morocco

Silver – Algeria

Bronze – Palestine

The rented pavilions – 

Gold – Mexico

Silver – Latvia

Bronze – Montenegro

Gold – Tonga

Silver – the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Bronze – Fiji 

Awards list for Thematic District pavilions- 

  • In (Sustainability) 

Gold – Seychelles

Silver – Cambodia

Bronze – Suriname

  • In (Mobility) 

Gold – Holy See

Silver – Côte d’Ivoire

Bronze – Jamaica 

Theme Interpretation – 

  • Category A

Gold – Germany

Silver – Kazakhstan

Bronze – Italy

  • Category B

Gold – Oman

Silver – Hungary

Bronze – Sweden 

  • Category C

Gold – Malaysia

Silver – Lithuania

Bronze – Colombia

Rented pavilions – 

Gold – Syria

Silver – Gabon

Bronze – Vietnam

  • In (Opportunity) 

Gold – Rwanda

Silver – Ethiopia

Bronze – Kyrgyzstan 

  • In (Sustainability) 

Gold – Yemen

Silver – Guinea

Bronze – Comoros 

The awards were decided by the international jury of nine experts in a range of relevant fields during the course of two sessions, that is, in the month of January and March of 2022.


Tariq Saeed

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