Dubai: Fire emerges in 15-storey building, firefighters extinguishes fire within 14 minutes

A video went viral on all over the internet, in which the bravery of the firefighters in Dubai can be seen.

Abu Dhabi, UAE: A video went viral on all over the internet, in which the bravery of the firefighters in Dubai can be seen. A fire emerged at a residential establishment in the area of Al Barsha 1, Behind Mall of the Emirates, in Dubai on Friday, and the civil defence personnel extinguished the fire within just 14 minutes, soon after they reached the scene. 

As per the information, on Friday, at around 1:24 pm, a call was received by the Command Room of Dubai Civil Defence. Within four minutes, after they received the information, firefighters of Al Barsha Fire Station arrived at the place of the incident. People across the globe appreciate the bravery and timely activeness of the civil defence personnel, who averted the happening of a major accident. 


Meanwhile, firefighters from Al Marsa and Nad Al Shiba Fire Stations were also present at the spot as backups, in case the situation turns worse. 

One of the officials, defining the incident, stated, “Our teams evacuated the building and controlled the fire within 14 minutes without any injuries or deaths”. 

No injuries or fatalities of living beings have been reported by the authorities. However, the building facade has been damaged. The authorities noted that the cause of the fire is yet not known, and investigation has already been started to know what situation led to the emergence of fire. 

Among the residents, Filipino immigrant Eugene Bacayo, who resides on the sixth floor of the building, describing the accident to local media, informed that he all of a sudden heard sirens, after which he immediately went outside to look. That is when he saw that their building was in fire flames.

A resident of the nearby building, Mohammad, informed that the fire alarm did not ring, following people did not know that their building was on fire. 

According to the estimations, there are around 1000 people who are present time, living in the 15 storey building. 



Tariq Saeed

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