Abu Dhabi Police launch ‘make for sustainability’ initiative
Abu Dhabi Police launch ‘make for sustainability’ initiative

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi Police and Economic Development launch ‘Make for Sustainability’ initiative.

According to the update, the General Command of Abu Dhabi Police and the Economic Development Department – Abu Dhabi has launched the ‘Made for Sustainability’ initiative in line with the Year of Sustainability, and the first of its kind at the level of police commandments by using the circular economy approach applied in the economic sector to design new security initiatives and practices that keep track of governmental and future trends of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.


According to the update shared by the official Facebook page of Abu Dhabi Police, Dean Raken Ahmed Ali Al-Shahi, Deputy Director of Community Security Sector, met Muhammad Munif Mansouri, Executive Director of Abu Dhabi Business Center, where he informed during a tour of the efforts of the Virtual Training Center at Saif Bin Zayed Academy for Police Science and Security in developing virtual scenarios, and a presentation of new areas and products developed in Abu Dhabi Police, and held Department of Economic Development Workshop for Abu Dhabi police staff on the application of the circular economy principles in designing security practices.

Reportedly, Major Rakin Ahmed Ali Al-Shahi clarified that the “Made for Sustainability” initiative aims to build the capacities of Abu Dhabi police workers to apply the circular economy principles in designing sustainable security practices and initiatives, noting that the circular economy is a new governmental approach that seeks to minimize the environmental impact of production and consumption while maximizing value And the benefit of materials throughout its life cycle.