Dubai Islamic Bank contributes Dh7 million for patients facing financial crisis

The Dubai Islamic Bank contributed a total of Dh7 million towards the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to aid patients that are facing financial difficulties.

The Dubai Islamic Bank contributed a total of Dh7 million towards the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to aid patients that are facing financial difficulties.

The Director-General of the DHA, Awadh Seghayer Al Ketbi, appreciated the community members and organisations who came forward to take such philanthropic initiatives, especially in the health sector, to ease the suffering of those facing financial difficulties.


Al Ketbi said that Dubai Health Authority is very proud and appreciates all the strategic partners who take the initiative to support its projects, development programmes and services, which aim to surround the community and its members with integrated health care.

He further added, “Dubai Islamic Bank is one of the most significant banking fortresses, which plays a primary role in sustaining the national economy, which is a source of pride, and that the partnership that links the Authority and the Bank is directly aimed at serving and developing society.”

Al Ketbi appreciated the support that is being initiated by Dubai Islamic Bank and also provided to the Health Fund for the care and treatment of patients with financial difficulties, in addition to the aid of some medical facilities affiliated with the DHA, which is valued more than Dh7.6 million, distributed to help the Thalassemia Centre, heart patients and cancer patients.

The management of Dubai Islamic Bank has also expressed their happiness and gratitude for this partnership, making it easy for patients and their families struggling with their finances.

They also praised the initiatives and efforts undertaken by the Health Fund Office to serve acute illness cases and provide support along with financial assistance to them through partnerships with various banks and charitable institutions in the country.

The Director of the Health Fund Office at the DHA, Salem bin Lahej said that the Dubai Islamic Bank will always take the initiative to aid charitable and humanitarian work in the health sector while stressing that this help will reduce the burden and pressure on chronic disease patients and their families.


He pointed out that the administration has agreed on procedures to help patients with financial difficulties to assure that support reaches those who deserve it.

Tariq Saeed


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