UAE Education Ministry initiates project to enhance English reading standards of students

UAE Ministry of Education has collaborated with Knowledge Hub, which is one of the leading learning solutions providers in the UAE and throughout the Middle East, and Renaissance. It has also created myON's digital reading platform.

Abu Dhabi, UAE: UAE Ministry of Education has collaborated with Knowledge Hub, which is one of the leading learning solutions providers in the UAE and throughout the Middle East, and Renaissance. It has also created myON’s digital reading platform. This collaborated project will focus on improving the English reading standards of students in the primary as well as secondary schools of the country. 

As per the statement of the Education Ministry, this project aligns with the UAE Centennial 2071 and the strategic vision of innovative education of the ministry. 


The Education Minister of the United Arab Emirates – Hussain Ibrahim Al Hammadi, while speaking about the project, asserted, “Our children and young people need to be well-equipped to take opportunities, and to meet present and future challenges.” 

Meanwhile, the curriculum director for humanities and languages at the UAE Ministry of Education – Dr Sameera Alhosani, stated, “The introduction of the myON platform also aligns to the UAE’s mission towards achieving SDG4. Literacy is at the heart of learning; it is key to making our world more sustainable, peaceful and financially secure.” 

Following the above statement, the curriculum director further highlighted, “Here at the Ministry of Education, we want to ensure literacy is integrated across the curriculum, and myON is a creative solution that promotes such practice.” 

Surekha Kembhavi – the Managing Director of Knowledge Hub, cited, “It’s an honour for Knowledge Hub to be recognised as a value-add partner to the Ministry of Education. For the past two decades, Knowledge Hub has been helping schools in the Middle East region to implement 21st-century skills. We have been a major contributor in transforming the traditional classrooms environment into digital. Events like these are really a testament to a great team and an important mission.” 

“We support the education sector with a bold vision to change the status quo in the industry and drive social impact at scale. Our implementation of the myON digital library with the Ministry of Education comes as a major achievement as we believe the students and teachers will experience the strongest growth ever in digital literacy. Along with actionable reporting and tools that empower differentiation for all learners, Knowledge Hub, in collaboration with Renaissance, is determined to give teachers content-specific professional development and provides leadership with insights about how all students are progressing.” 


Tariq Saeed


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