Dubai: Man dupe women into investing Dh202,000, get jailed

United Arab Emirates: A 43-year-old expat was detained for three months in jail after duping a female into investing Dh202,000 in a fake project, as per the sources.

United Arab Emirates: A 43-year-old expat was detained for three months in jail after duping a female into investing Dh202,000 in a fake project, as per the sources.

The man wet the woman as he visited a bank to obtain a loan related to the vehicle for his wife. The victim was the employee who was responsible for helping him secure the loan for the vehicle.


The man then stated her to be a partner in a food trading project, but she said no to the offer, saying she did not have sufficient funds.

Moreover, three months later, the convict returned as well as told her to invest in the other project. He presented a profitable plan to her that involved importing second-hand vehicles as well as repairing them at a workshop that he made a plan to establish.

According to the records at the Dubai Misdemeanours Court, he arranged a phone call with the victim and dealers from outside the nation to discuss the plan. They had a conversation about how the vehicles would be sourced as well as their final resale value after repair.

The woman mentioned in the statement that the convict claimed to be a customs inspector. She added that they promised to clear the imported vehicles quickly.

Moreover, the woman, convicted for the business idea, handed the amount to the convict after she shared the information that the profits would be split between the two of them.

After some time, he gave her Dh5,000, switched off his mobile phone as well as vanished. She then got to know that she had fallen victim to fraud and informed the police officials.


The police officials formed an investigation officer that arrested the man.

Furthermore, he then attempted to justify the deposits in his account by saying that he had lent her some money earlier, which she is returning.


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