Dubai: Museum of the Future ties up with global and national institutions to generate, test ideas

The Museum of the Future in Dubai symbolizes Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai's futuristic vision and modernity of the UAE and is a cultural landmark as well as a centre for future innovations that have stunned the residents of Dubai. 

The Museum of the Future in Dubai symbolizes Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai’s futuristic vision and modernity of the UAE and is a cultural landmark as well as a centre for future innovations that have stunned the residents of Dubai. 

In contrast with traditional museums that show pieces of the past, this museum provides a window to the future with a scientific endeavour to apprehend its challenges, variables and challenges that will come. 


It is a nine-floor building and is about 77-feet tall. The modern architecture of the museum depicts a story of the future via interactive exhibitions that invite people to experience technology they have never seen before and humanity’s home in outer space. 

The museum’s facade is designed in Arabic calligraphy on 1,024 stainless steel panels, giving a message of hope for the future. 

The minister of cabinet affairs and chairman of the Museum of the Future in a statement, Mohammad bin Abdullah Al-Gergawi, said, “The museum will make an international platform for pioneers, designers and critical thinkers to exchange ideas, visions and concepts to rev sustainable socio-economic development and shape a suitable future that works for everyone.”

Becoming a key laboratory for innovative and futuristic technological solutions that manage humanity’s greatest challenges is a part of the museum’s mission. In March, the Museum of the Future has signed strategic partnerships with several global brands and national institutions. 

The museum has collaborated with these institutes to generate and test ideas, particularly in developing areas that are linked to society’s challenges, including education, health, smart cities, transportation and energy. 


The partners include Dubai’s Electricity and Water Authority, SAP, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai Holding, Audi, Emirates airline, Dubai Municipality, PepsiCo and Visa.

The partnership between Audi and RTA will further contribute to studying the future mobility of communities and cities. Soon, it will provide a range of creative ideas as well as solutions from worldwide to develop smart mobility options. 

With the partnership with DEWA, modern technologies will be tested to make renewable and clean energy, produce low-carbon urban societies and boost sustainable development. 

Through the Dubai Municipality partnership, the Museum of the Future recognizes advanced technologies to supersede traditional practices during urban planning, developing urban areas, building infrastructure, and designing cities that function sustainably using advanced materials. 

The partnership with SAP will emphasize the nation’s technology innovations and expertise, which address economic, environmental and social challenges for the next generation. To help the world enhance people’s lives, these technological advances strive to provide a brighter future with zero emissions, zero waste, and no inequality.



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