Dubai police captures two men as they tried to board flight after robbing diamond necklace

Two men have been captured over the reported robbery of a diamond necklace during a night-time raid at a luxury hotel in UAE's Dubai.

Two men have been captured over the reported robbery of a diamond necklace during a night-time raid at a luxury hotel in UAE’s Dubai.

Police officials stated that the duo, described as Eastern European, were wearing wigs and face masks and also utilised a glass cutter in the alleged robbery at the jewellery shop of the hotel.


They both were caught as they were trying to board a flight out of Dubai airport a few hours after the robbery.

The incident took place on July 3, Sunday and was made public by the officials on Wednesday, but police did not reveal the name of the hotel and told that it was located in the Al Sufouh area, near The Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina.

The reported theft took place around 1:30 am, when the hotel environment was quiet.

Dubai Police stated that there was proof that one of the suspects had scoped out potential targets earlier in 2020.

He was reported to have visited many jewellery shops, including the scene where the crime took place. He was discovered to have left the nation and came back this month with his alleged partner.

Both men came to the city on the same flight but didn’t contact each other, said the police. They both met at a hotel in Deira to get ready for the reported break-in, told police.


A CCTV footage reportedly showed the two men wearing T-shirts and shorts during the daytime, but police stated that they changed their clothes at a building which was at some distance from the jewellers.

Police located the suspects at Dubai International Airport that morning.

The suspects have now been referred to public prosecutors, and the investigation is still ongoing.


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