Dubai Resident Recounts Terrifying Flight Turbulence Experience Amid Recent Aviation Incident

Struggling to maintain her balance amidst the chaos, Noora found herself trapped in the aisle as the cabin crew and their food trays obstructed her path back to her seat

Dubai, UAE – Noora Salim, a Dubai resident, vividly recalls one of the most harrowing experiences of her life – a flight from Saudi Arabia to her hometown in Kerala, India, during the late 1990s. 

At just 10 or 12 years old, Noora found herself caught in a tumultuous situation as turbulence rocked the aircraft, leaving her clinging to dear life.


“It was a late night flight, and the cabin crew were serving food,” she reminisced. “I was in the bathroom when the flight hit turbulence. I started to get thrown about.”

Struggling to maintain her balance amidst the chaos, Noora found herself trapped in the aisle as the cabin crew and their food trays obstructed her path back to her seat. 

Desperate, she held on to a nearby seat as the aircraft jolted and shook violently.

“As it was a flight from Saudi, there were many Arabs onboard. Many of them started praying loudly. Some recited verses from the Quran,” she recounted.

For an agonizing 45 minutes, the turbulence persisted, leaving passengers in a state of fear and uncertainty. Despite the ordeal, Noora managed to make her way back to her seat as the cabin crew cleared the aisle.

Now 35 years old and a resident of Dubai for two years, Noora shared her story with Khaleej Times in the wake of a recent aviation incident involving a Singapore Airlines flight. 


The flight, en route to its destination, encountered severe turbulence, resulting in one fatality and numerous passengers being admitted to the ICU with serious injuries.

Noora’s account serves as a poignant reminder of the unpredictability of air travel and the importance of safety measures during flights. 

As air travel continues to be an integral part of modern life, incidents such as these underscore the need for both passengers and airlines to prioritize safety above all else.

In response to the recent incident, aviation authorities and airlines have reiterated their commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of passengers

Enhanced training for cabin crew members and the implementation of advanced turbulence detection systems are among the measures being considered to mitigate the risks associated with turbulent weather conditions.

As Noora reflects on her terrifying experience from decades past, she remains grateful for her safety and sends her heartfelt condolences to those affected by the recent tragedy. 

Her story serves as a testament to the resilience of air travelers and the importance of remaining calm and vigilant in the face of adversity.

In an ever-changing world of air travel, one thing remains constant – the shared commitment to ensuring that every journey is a safe one.


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Tariq Saeed

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