Dubai Student’s Smart Wristband Aims to Revolutionize Elderly Care Worldwide

EverWell, as described by its young inventor, monitors crucial indicators such as heart rate, body temperature, and steps taken. It is also equipped with fall detection capabilities, which are crucial for preventing accidents that afflict a significant number of seniors annually

In a bid to enhance the safety and health monitoring of elderly individuals living alone, 15-year-old Amelie Lister from Dubai has crafted a groundbreaking smart wristband named EverWell.

This innovative device, born out of Amelie’s Digital Design project, integrates cutting-edge technology to track vital health metrics and ensure prompt response in emergencies.


EverWell, as described by its young inventor, monitors crucial indicators such as heart rate, body temperature, and steps taken. It is also equipped with fall detection capabilities, which are crucial for preventing accidents that afflict a significant number of seniors annually.

The device features an OLED screen for displaying real-time data and utilizes radio alerts to swiftly signal for help in case of emergencies, potentially saving lives.

Amelie’s inspiration for EverWell stemmed from concerns for her grandparents, residing thousands of miles away in Scotland and South Africa.

“My grandparents are my motivation,” Amelie shared in an interview with Khaleej Times. “I wanted to create something that could ensure their safety and provide peace of mind to my family, even from afar.”

The development process for EverWell was rigorous and meticulous. Amelie spent weeks perfecting the design, overcoming challenges such as sensor integration, accuracy validation, and ensuring user comfort.

Amelie navigated the complexities of prototyping and refining her creation with guidance from her teacher, Huma Deshmukh, who imparted crucial insights into research methodologies and technical nuances.


Huma Deshmukh, an AI educator at Bloom World Academy, praised Amelie’s dedication and innovative spirit.

“Amelie’s project has set a new standard for creativity among her peers,” Deshmukh remarked. “Her invention not only addresses a critical need in elderly care but also inspires others to harness technology for meaningful solutions.”

Beyond monitoring basic health metrics, Amelie has ambitious plans to enhance EverWell further. Her vision includes incorporating advanced sensors like a blood glucose level detector for comprehensive health monitoring.

She aims to refine the design for improved comfort and aesthetics, intending to expand testing to a broader user base to refine and perfect the product.

The impact of Amelie’s invention extends beyond her immediate family. It has sparked enthusiasm among her classmates, encouraging them to explore technology-driven solutions to real-world challenges.

“Seeing Amelie’s dedication has motivated us all to think differently,” shared one of her peers. “It shows that even as students, we can make a meaningful impact.”

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 700,000 fatalities occur annually due to falls, with seniors over 60 being the most vulnerable demographic.

EverWell’s potential to mitigate such risks and provide continuous health monitoring represents a significant step forward in elderly care technology.

Looking ahead, Amelie remains committed to refining EverWell and potentially bringing it to market, driven by her desire to make a positive impact on elderly care globally.

Her journey from concept to prototype serves as a testament to the transformative power of combining empathy with technological innovation.

As Amelie prepares to share her creation with her grandparents this summer, she eagerly anticipates their feedback.

“Their excitement motivates me to continue improving EverWell,” Amelie expressed with enthusiasm. “I hope it not only helps my grandparents but also many others who can benefit from its capabilities.”

In conclusion, Amelie Lister’s EverWell stands poised to redefine how we care for the elderly, embodying the spirit of innovation and compassion that transcends borders and generations.

With her ingenuity, she has not only crafted a device but also paved the way for a brighter future in elderly healthcare technology.


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Tariq Saeed

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