Dubai: Unknown man arrested for lying comfortably on roads with pillow

A man was seen lying comfortably with his pillow on the busy roads of Dubai on Wednesday; Dubai Police arrested the unknowing man for disturbing and causing traffic across the area.

A man was seen lying comfortably with his pillow on the busy roads of Dubai on Wednesday; Dubai Police arrested the unknowing man for disturbing and causing traffic across the area.

The video of the unknown man lying on the road with a pillow at Salah Al Din Street in Al Muraqabbat, Deira, went viral on several social media platforms, including Tik Tok, Instagram and Snapchat.


The man was looking very comfortable with a pillow under his head.

The video of this weird and shocking incident was shared several times on social media; after the intervention of the Dubai Police, the video was deleted from a social media platform to avoid the spread of false information.

In the video, which went viral on Wednesday, the unknown man was seen saying that he is not afraid of dying anymore, whereas he is terrified of dying in a foreign land.

The man said in the video, “I’m not scared of dying but scared to die in a foreign land.”

The original video, posted on Tik Tok, was deleted soon after posting, but until then, it was shared several times among members of the society.

Soon after the incident, Dubai police shared the information by tweeting on their official Twitter handle that an Asian man was seen endangering his life and creating a problem for the people travelling on the same road.


The force also added the relevant article of the law, which the Asian man on Wednesday was breaching.

The Dubai Police, in a Tweet, added that “According to article 399 of the Federal Penal Code No 31 of 2021, anyone who deliberately commits an act that would endanger the life, health, and security of people, will be sentenced to imprisonment and a fine.”

Dubai Police did not reveal the man’s actual identity and appealed to people to report such incidents on the official apps run by the authorities.

Tariq Saeed


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