Dubai’s Expo city offers free tickets to teachers on occasion of World Teachers Day

On the occasion of celebrating ‘World Teachers day’, Expo City Dubai gives out complimentary tickets to teachers from today, October 5, until October 8.

In a statement, the Chief of education and culture at Expo City Dubai, Marjan Faraidooni, said that teachers inspire today’s youth to become future leaders, innovators, and change-makers.


In addition, the Chief of education and culture at Expo City Dubai, Marjan Faraidooni, said, “We’re looking ahead to greeting teachers and assistants from across the UAE with this small token of our gratitude.”

Dubai’s Expo City has revealed the details about the event and what it offers.

Students will be able to discover more about important global topics and opportunities to discover, learn and play through various exploration journeys, interactive workshops and an exciting science show.

The events in Expo city will be customisable according to areas of interest and time; they encompass three journeys across global themes: Terra, another through Alif, and a third Cultural Journey that combines the Vision Pavilion and Women’s Pavilion.

Each journey will offer exciting and interactive workshops for students of all ages, clearing light on topics such as animal habitats and water conservation to programming robots and the role of technology in managing waste.

In a statement, Faraidooni that “the tailor-made school trips handle critical global topics such as the technology, environment and creating a more balanced world.”


Faraidooni added, “The events have been created to encourage students to think about their upcoming life, to imagine what tomorrow might look like, and how they have a role to play in transforming the future of everyone for the better.”

The Expo City Dubai one-day draws passes which costs Dh120. It allows sightseers to enjoy all its flagship bowers.

The passes are available online and will initially grant visitors access to the Vision Pavilion, Women’s Pavilion, Terra “the Sustainability Pavilion and Alif” The Mobility Pavilion.



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