Good news: Apple opens academy for women in Saudi Arabia to teach programming skills

American multinational technology company set up an "Apple Developer Academy" in Saudi Arabia.

Walking on the path of women empowerment, worldly famous for its technology and the gadgets, American multinational technology company set up an “Apple Developer Academy” in Saudi Arabia. This academy will open doors for female programmers and developers. A 30-day course and a 10-month program will be offered here at the apple academy for women. 

The academy is situated in the world’s largest institute for women – Princess Nourah University. All the girls above the age of 18 years are eligible to apply (free of cost) for the programme, and if once qualified, they will be offered a scholarship with all the obligatory technology.  


The firm, in its statement, cited, “We are so proud to open the first Apple Developer Academy for female students and can’t wait to see how these women collaborate, innovate & change the world“.   

For this initiative, Apple has collaborated with the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming and Drones (SAFCSP), represented by Tuwaiq Academy, and with Princess Nora bint Abdurrahman University (PNU).

This is indeed a good and a big step towards educating the girls and empowering them. Not only this, but the students at the academy will get tons of opportunities, allowing them to showcase their applications in the App Store of apple. 

Apple expects at least 600 Saudi Arab women to be inducted annually (initially) who will be learning programming skills. The individuals will be taught the basics of coding, professional core skills, design, and marketing. 

The American tech company cited that it will assure the graduates learn a full range of skills demanded to contribute to the local business communities.  

On the other back, Saudi Press Agency – SPA stated: “The selection of Riyadh for the headquarters makes Saudi Arabia the first country in the MENA region to host the global Apple academies for programming and development”. 



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