Man held for filming over 500 naked people in US gym via hidden camera in coffee cup

Police authorities detained an individual who filmed more than 500 "naked" individuals via a hidden camera at a gym's changing rooms.

United States: Police authorities detained an individual who filmed more than 500 “naked” individuals via a hidden camera at a gym’s changing rooms. The accused, identified as Peng Dong, is a 33-year-old who hid the camera in a coffee cup. 

The Wisconsin Athletic Club found out about the mishappening, raised the alarm and soon gave the information to the police officers. The incident is of the United State’s Wisconsin state.  


The accused, during the time of interrogation, said that he placed the hidden camera as he suspected someone of stealing his stuff, and he planned to catch the thief, as per his claim. 

On the other end, in the criminal complaint, it is written that when the accused was asked about the crime (if he recorded the naked individuals), Dong, in response, gave a smile and said, “very certain” he had. 

The accused also told the police authorities that he was not at all aware that he was breaking the law by recording the individuals. 

Dong has been charged for around 15 felonies, among which at least eleven (11) are linked with the Wauwatosa location and the remaining four (4) with the Glendale location. 

The police officers also, when checking the video footage, they find out that at least 524 individuals have been the victims of this incident. Officers noted, among this number, at least nine seemed to be younger than the age of 10, adding that some of the recordings were of two years ago. 

“The Wisconsin Athletic Club takes the security of their members very seriously. It is clearly displayed in our clubs that the utilization of a video is strictly prohibited in our locker rooms & is subject to state as well as local law. We are saddened that the incident took place & our club have a zero-tolerance policy for these actions and misconduct”, the authorities of the club stated in an issued statement. 




Tariq Saeed

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