“We may die, we just wanted to be together”, says Ukrainian woman, who marries on first day of Russia’s invasion

A 21-year-old Ukrainian woman - Yaryna Arievagot, marries on the initial day when the Russian military was carrying out operations, leading to invasion.

Kyiv, Ukraine: A 21-year-old Ukrainian woman – Yaryna Arievagot, marries on the initial day when the Russian military was carrying out operations, leading to invasion. Arievagot’s marriage was planned for the month of May on the 6th. 

She then noted that following the present situation, the couple decided to get married prior to the marriage date. 


Arievagot is working as a deputy at Kyiv City Council and got married to Svyatoslav Fursin. The wedding of the couple took place amid the air raid sirens in the Ukrainian capital.    

We may be can die, and we just wanted to be together before all of that“, Arievagot stated. 

A Facebook social media handle posted the pictures of Arievagot’s couple with a beautiful heartfelt caption and poured blessing for their phase of life ahead. 

The post cites, “Ukraine is important to continue to resist fear, put your hope in the Lord, & find reasons to rejoice even in the darkest of times.” 

“Therefore, the whole family of the local Orthodox Church of Ukraine today – we congratulate the young family of Yaryna & Svyatoslav, who has now been surrounded in the Trichsvyatelsky Temple, on the bell of the St. Michael’s Golden Monastery.”

“At the entrance to the temple, they were roared by pigeons, & at the exit, they met air defence sirens. May God bless this young couple.” 


“Let us continue to be courageous & pray for our nation, our people and our defenders, and remember, “They will fight against you, but will not defeat you; because I am with you“, the post further adds. 


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