Kim Kardashians fails baby bar exam again!

It is a known fact that Kim Kardashian is trying to expand her expertise and studying law. However, in the recent episode of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which was also the finale episode, Kim revealed that she failed the bar exam again.

Kim Kardashian has again failed the baby bar exam. This was her second attempt and she had been focusing on her studies for a while now. The 40 years old TV star and entrepreneur Kim had failed the exam as she had COVID-19, which was also revealed in the show. Due to Covid complications, Kim couldn’t properly prepare, and gave the exam while she was sick.


As shown in the episode, Kim was on call with two lawyers- Erin Haney and Jessica Jackson, who mentored her for her exam, while looking at the California State Bar website to check the results. As she saw the result, Kim exclaimed, “I failed! F**k… This is really annoying. I feel bummed, totally bummed. The total score was 463, I pretty much got the same thing, actually a little bit worse.”

This was Kim’s second time failing the baby bar exam, but she is not letting is stress her. In the confession clip, Kim said, “It is what it is. I know I just have to not stress about it. There are so many other (expletive) stressful things going on, I just have to do better in the future.”

Kim then told the result to her sister Khloe via call, who was supportive and optimistic and cheered Kim, reminding her the how stressful her situation was at the time of exam. Khloe told Kim, “Honestly, you had COVID. You had your 40th birthday. You’re just dealing with so much personally in your relationship… And just quarantine in itself. And I really don’t think this last time counted.”

Due to Kim’s medical condition at the time of exam, Khloe reminded her how they thought it would be a miracle if Kim cleared this exam, to which Kim said, “I know, but still I wanted that miracle. I believe in miracles. But it’s okay,”

Now, Kim has decided to take off for four weeks and devote her time completely on studies for her third baby bar exam which will take place in June 2021.


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