Dubai’s rare diamond set to be displayed at Sotheby’s in DIFC

A super rare diamond with a huge carat weight is set on display at Sotheby's in Dubai's DIFC, and it is scenery to behold.

A super rare diamond with a huge carat weight is set on display at Sotheby’s in Dubai’s DIFC, and it is scenery to behold.

The massive and magnificent diamond, named “The Golden Canary”, is extremely rare with a distinctive colour. Anyone who knows their sparklers will know that the 4 C’s are what is essential when it comes to dazzlers, and the colossal stone has it all.


Weighing a colossal 303.10 carats, the pear-shaped brownish-yellow diamond is one of the largest polished diamonds in the world.

Another impressive title that The Golden Canary holds is that the whopping stone is the largest flawless or internally flawless diamond ever graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Visitors will need to get down there quickly as it will only be in Dubai until Wednesday, October 19, before it heads off on a mini-world tour stopping in Taipei, Geneva, and Hong Kong before ending up in New York auctioned in Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels auction.

It is expected to fetch a healthy fee in the region of $15 million. Wow.

Yellow diamonds are significantly rarer than white diamonds.

Fancy yellow diamonds make up just .006% of all diamonds mined; of these, only a tiny percentage will be internally flawless.


The stone, discovered in the Democratic Republic of Congo, was originally the largest uncut, rough diamond at that time, weighing in at 890-carat gem.

The rough diamond was cut into 15 finished stones, one of which is The Golden Canary, another stone cut from the rough diamond is famed, weighing in at 407.49 carats and known as the Incomparable.

The shield-shaped step cut, with its unusually shaped facets and small table, preserved much of the shape and bulk of the original rough and was the largest internally flawless or flawless cut diamond ever created and graded by the GIA.


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