Ed Sheeran shares his experience as father and talks about Fatherhood!

The globally popular singer Ed Sheeran had a daughter last year with his wife Cherry Seaborn and named her Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran. Finally, in a recent interview with BBC Radio 1, Ed Sheeran opened up about his experience as a father and shone a light on the changes that his daughter has brought to his life.

Sheeran told the host Greg James, “As soon as Cherry told me she was pregnant, life shifted, in terms of work and health and what I was putting into my body, be it food or alcohol. I started exercising more and my routine became a bit more healthy.”


Not just his personal life, Sheeran has made some drastic changes in his professional life as well. Being a singer requires long hours to be spent in the studio. But being a great dad and husband, Ed Sheeran cut out his working hours as well. Sheeran revealed that he has changed his working habits changed his work timings to “nine to five” instead of finishing recording sessions at 2am.

This changes has certainly surprised those who work with Sheeran. “It actually freaks out producers,” he said. “I was in Los Angeles working with these producers that usually start working at 6pm and finish at 6am with people like Post Malone and Dua [Lipa].

Sheeran added, “I was like, ‘Yeah, we’re starting at nine’. And they were like, ‘What?’ However, the change has apparently benefitted the 29 years old singer. He told, “But I do find you get more done. There’s less faffing.”

In another interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Sheeran talked about how becoming a father has changed his relationship with his parents as well. He told, “It was amazing before, but now it’s just like there’s this eternal gratefulness and respect of being like, I know what they went through and I’m still going through it.

Ed added, “And also, the other thing is, no-one knows what they’re doing. I see people and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, that guy’s the best dad in the world’. But he started off like me, like not knowing anything. I’m learning day by day. So I think it’s amazing.”


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