Dubai: Residents witnesses first glimpse of Magnificent Hindu Temple in Jebel Ali

UAE citizens witnessed the first glimpse of the new Hindu temple in Dubai after its soft opening earlier this month.

UAE citizens witnessed the first glimpse of the new Hindu temple in Dubai after its soft opening earlier this month.

The grand opening will be held in October. The Temple welcomes people of all faiths and has allowed entry to worshippers and other visitors to view the 16 deities and other interior works.


Special prayers were performed for nine days for each deity, and all the divinities were installed. Guru Grant Sahib, The Holy Book of Sikhs, was also established in August.

All of the deities are installed in the main hall of the magnificent Hindu Temple. The main prayer hall has a large 3D-printed pink lotus unfurling across the central dome. Several families had received a chance to participate in the ceremonies held for the installation of the deities.

The newly built Hindu temple is described as the ‘Worship Village’ in Jebel Ali, which houses several churches and the Guru Nanak Darbar Gurudwara.

The Soft opening of the Magnificent Hindu Temple was organized on September 1. The authorities and management of the Temple activated the QR code-based appointment system through the official website of the Hindu temple in Dubai.

From the first day, the Temple has welcomed many families and visitors, especially on weekends. The fixed entry has been controlled through QR-coded appointments for crowd management and to ensure social distancing.

14 pandits are invited from India to chant the Vedic shlokas. This activity is the only ritual done in the Temple at the moment.


The official grand opening of the Temple will be held in the first week of October. Official authorities from the UAE and Indian governments are scheduled to attend the event.

The Temple will be officially open to the public from October 5, the day of the Dussehra festival.

The Hindu Temple is open from 6.30 am to 8 pm. Appointments for most weekends till the end of October have already been booked.


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