Egyptian and British Immigration Ministers discuss bilateral cooperation and efforts against illegal immigration
Egyptian and British Immigration Ministers discuss bilateral cooperation and efforts against illegal immigration

Cairo, Egypt: The Egyptian Minister of Immigration receives her British counterpart to research ways to enhance bilateral cooperation in relevant files.

Ambassador Saha, a soldier, said, “They are keen to cooperate with various parties and meet the needs of global markets to demand qualified labour.”


Robert Generick, stated, “We look forward to exchanging experiences with Egypt in combating illegal immigration and taking care of immigrants.”

The British Minister of Immigration highlighted, “The Egyptian community in Britain has a prominent role in serving the community and supporting development efforts.”

Ambassador Saha Jundi received the Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptian Affairs, Robert Jenrich, Minister of State for British Immigration and his accompanying delegation, to look at ways to enhance bilateral cooperation in relevant files. The meeting was attended by Gareth Bailey, British Ambassador to Cairo and Dr Saber Suleiman, Assistant Minister of Immigration for Ministerial Affairs and Institutional Development.

At the beginning of the meeting, Ambassador Saha Jundi welcomed the British Minister and his accompanying delegation and said that this meeting was very important because it aimed to open up deeper and wider horizons of cooperation between the two countries, referring to the historical relations between the Egyptian and British people, the presence of a large Egyptian community in England as well as an important British community in Egypt, an advisor to She served as the Egyptian ambassador to Ireland as the first female Egyptian ambassador to Dublin, from 2015 until 2019.

The meeting discussed the efforts of the Ministry of Immigration in taking care of Egyptians abroad in different countries of the world, where the minister emphasized her keenness to always communicate with Egyptians abroad to get to know them and their needs and desires and to work to meet them, according to the strategy of the Ministry of immigration, which plays a great importance to the communication file with Egyptians abroad, in addition to communicating and connecting young people Egyptians abroad in their homeland through the programs of the visits of the second and third generation children to Egypt to develop the spirit of loyalty and belonging and acquaint them with all the facts and challenges that the Egyptian state is going through, as well as the Logos Forum, in addition to the presidential initiative “Speak Arabic” to maintain the Egyptian national and cultural identity of our children.

Ambassador Saha Jundi confirmed that Egyptians worldwide are a top priority for the Egyptian state, and since the return of the Ministry of Immigration, working to implement and activate all aspects of care for them and meet their needs, opposing what has been done since the beginning of unrest in the sister Sudan, as well as in Russia and Ukraine, besides communicating with representatives of the Ministry of Migrations Center Egyptian youth abroad dialogue “Medisi” As well as the outputs of the fourth edition of the Conference of Egyptians Abroad, which saw a large presence of about a thousand Egyptians from 56 countries around the world.


The Minister of Immigration has taken various stimuli offered to Egyptians abroad, and the role of the state in encouraging them to invest in Egypt, and the launch of an industrial investment map, to identify the various opportunities available, it is sure that we strive with all our power to put Egypt in a better position in accordance with our history and civilization, and take advantage of its geographical location and the abundance of manpower, and consider it an attractive market for investments, welcome cooperation With the British side of vocational training and providing safe job opportunities to combat illegal immigration.

Ambassador Saha Jundi added that Egypt is also celebrating the communities living on its land, as the Ministry of Immigration organized the presidential initiative “Revitalizing Roots – Nostos” with the Greek and Cypriot sides to celebrate the Greek and Cyprus Galatians and an event was also organized with the Armenian community.

In the sphere of combating illegal immigration, Ambassador Saha Jundi asserted that the presidential initiative “Survival boats” represents the most important files that the Ministry of Immigration is working on, to raise awareness of the dangers of illegal immigration phenomenon, and to build on what serves our youth in villages that are source of illegal immigration, as well as to develop awareness and education programs that are being implemented, and provide training.

Their professionalism is within the framework of the two presidential initiatives “Hayat Karima” and “Survival boats”, where the minister has had the successful experience of standing cooperation with the German side, regarding the Egyptian German Centre for Jobs, Migration and Reintegration and the THAMM program, where the German side – a representative of the German Agency for International Cooperation «GIZ» – linking the training to the labour market Employing and operating Egyptians with the careers Germany needs, the centre is the first of its kind in Egypt that has provided opportunities for young people to train and get employed in Germany, a sign that work is being done to expand it and create other similar centres with a number of other friendly countries willing to benefit from Egyptian labour and experience to fill Career gaps in their communities, with the adoption of a strategy of qualification and educating young people with the characteristics of future communities of employment and its culture and teaching young people the language before traveling.

Ambassador Saha Jundi also reviewed a number of areas that can be coordinated and cooperated and included an expert exchange file in the university education sector, as well as medical and nursing sectors in universities and hospitals. The meeting also discussed boosting cooperation in the areas of start-ups, agricultural investment, clean and renewable energy, activating tourism and heritage preservation to attract tourists. Locals and foreigners.

On his part, Robert Jenrick, British Minister of State for Immigration, expressed his gratitude for this fruitful meeting to discuss promoting joint cooperation, referring to his country’s desire to share Egyptian experiences and experiences in combating illegal immigration and migrant care, highlighting the role of the Egyptian community in Britain in serving the community and using its experience to support plans Development.

The British minister pointed out his follow-up efforts to communicate and support the Egyptian communities in Sudan, Russia and Ukraine, evaluating the quick move by the Ministry of Immigration to communicate and reassure them amid such a volatile situation, indicating his country’s readiness to cooperate with the Egyptian side in the joint files.

At the end of the meeting, the Minister for Immigration stated that we are keen on a strategy to cooperate with different parties to achieve sustainable development goals and meet the needs of various global markets for the demand of skilled labour. The two sides emphasized the importance of continued coordination and cooperation to strengthen the bilateral relationship and achieve mutual benefit and also to boost cooperation with the British side in cultural exchange sectors and innovation, sustainable Development, climate change and green industries.

The sides emphasized the importance of exchanging experts in scientific and university education in accordance with the needs of both countries, and the sides expressed their optimism about the future of the partnership between Egypt and Britain in the next phase, especially in combating illegal immigration, and confronting any promotion of it by organized crime groups on social media sites.



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