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Oman: The football fans' festival has been a significant success over the past few weeks, which was organized within the framework of the Sultanate of Oman, the accompanying program of the World Cup - Qatar 2022, during the period from November 20 to December 18 in the garden of the Oman Center for Conference and Exhibitions, where it was successful At polarizing 92 over A thousand of football fans, other citizens, residents and visitors.

Oman: The football fans’ festival has been a significant success over the past few weeks, which was organized within the framework of the Sultanate of Oman, the accompanying program of the World Cup – Qatar 2022, during the period from November 20 to December 18 in the garden of the Oman Center for Conference and Exhibitions, where it was successful At polarizing 92 over A thousand of football fans, other citizens, residents and visitors.

As the tournament enters the advanced roles, the festival has found a response from a generous audience to book entry tickets, as tickets were sold out several days in advance according to the pre-booking mechanism.

That capped with a unique closing night with more than 5,800 visitors to the World Cup final between Argentina, and France ended with Argentina being crowned Qatar 2022 World Cup champions.

More than 7,100 visitors were recorded as the highest number of visitors in a single day in the quarter-final matches between Morocco, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland.

In his commentary at the conclusion of the tournament, His Excellency Azan bin Qasim Al-Bousaidi, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism and Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Sultanate of Oman Accompanying Program for the 2022 World Cup Qatar, spoke saying: “At the outset, we would like to congratulate our brothers in the state of Qatar for the great success.”

Which achieved in organizing an exceptional tournament and hosting a historic one for the biggest global football event,” he added: “On the other hand, the football fans festival, which is one of the main focal points of the World Cup programme initiatives, was able to transfer this exceptional World Cup atmosphere to the Sultanate of Oman with thousands of visitors arriving daily to enjoy.”

Enjoy watching matches, activities and other events in a family atmosphere With distinction. The perfect combination of recreational and athletic activities has proven successful in providing a rich and unique experience to visitors exceeding expectations.”

On his part, Al-Fadel / Hashel bin Obaidel Al-Mahrouqi, the executive president of the Omran Group, commented: “Sports have always been one of the key factors that contribute to enriching the tourism sector and to maximize the benefit of the tourist destinations enjoyed by the Sultanate of Oman.”

With this historic hosting of the World Cup in the region, in addition to the great popularity of football in the Sultanate of Oman, we have worked on organizing this unique festival to be a family and sporting event together, and we are pleased with the great turnout to visit the festival daily to enjoy this event For the atmosphere”.

The steering committee of the Sultanate of Oman program with the World Cup, when designing and implementing the Football Fans Festival, made sure to promote the benefit of small and medium enterprises from this event by participating them in various stages, which succeeded in paving the way in front of more than 90 walking establishments Pillar in the organization of accompanying events and in operational operations, And in the corner of the food festival and entertainment activities, it has met a great response from participants and visitors alike.

This and the football fan festival was designed to feature several areas, each serving one essentially as one aspect of the festivities, starting from the sponsor area and the food festival corner, which offered varied and innovative options from around the world, passing by two activity areas with 22 different activities, and a tent pitch C for football, arriving in the theatre area that Giant screens have joined to follow the 64th World Cup matches live, a special esports competition has also been organized in which more than 140 players participated in collaboration with Golden Joystick to broadcast the final competition on the main screen of the festival, where it was solved in the centre A For the first player, Fahr Al-Kandi, followed by his rival Saleh Al-Ghasani. The third place went to Wesam Al-Rouhi player.

The festival also sponsored the football tournament for schools in Muscat Governorate in cooperation with the General Directorate of Education and Education, with the participation of 960 students from 96 schools.

The prize distribution ceremony was held on the main platform to crown the students of Al-Dahir District Primary Education School in the first place, Daghmer Elementary School in the second place, and while Muscat International Private School team in the third place.

The executive president of the Omran Group concluded his speech by saying: “On behalf of the Omran group, I am pleased to extend my thanks and appreciation to all the members of the steering committee of the Sultanate of Oman program accompanied by the World Cup, headed by the Ministry of Heritage, Tourism, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth, to Aside to all sponsors of the festival, football fans, SME participants, and all the volunteers Over 300 individuals from the Oman College of Tourism and other volunteer teams and teams, for supporting the event and contributing to its appearance in the planned manner.”

Al-Mharouqi added: “We should not forget the significant role played by our partners representing both Omani Airways, Oman Airports, the Oman Sultanate Police, the Civil Defense and Ambulance, and the health and safety teams on site for their significant role in keeping all visitors safe.” Many thanks to the fans who turned out every day in thousands and made this event so memorable.”

Over the past few days, the program of activities and events has ensured the participation of a number of players of the Sultanate of Oman football team and another similar visit was also witnessed by members of the youth team. Continuing the exciting surprises at the Football Fans’ Festival, the audience was on a date with a special participation of the Steel Band of the Omani Al-Sultani Music and with a special concert by the artist Salah Al-Zidgali, who took part in a lyrical ensemble on the closing day of the festival.


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