Egypt: EM Yasmin Fouad collaborates with SLU authority on National Massacres project
Egypt: EM Yasmin Fouad collaborates with SLU authority on National Massacres project || image credits: Ministry of Environment, Egypt

Egypt: The Minister of the Environment, Yasmin Fouad, met with Major General Nasser Fawzi, the head of the State Land Use Authority on July 19th, 2023 (Today). The meeting discussed the environmental aspect of the national project to develop and improve massacres’ capacity in several governorates.

As per the reports, both leaders met at the headquarters of the Ministry of Environment in the new administrative capital, in the presence of Ali Abu Sunna, the executive President of the Environmental Affairs Unit, and several ministry leaders.


During the meeting, Yasmin Fouad, the Minister of the Environment, discussed the current position of carnages within the governorates in light of the role of the Ministry of the Environment in ensuring environmental distancing. 

The position is observed in improving the efficiency and development of governmental slaughterhouses at the republic level and creating new slaughterhouses to maintain the public health of citizens.

The reports stated that the initiatives are based on the directions of the President of the Republic, Abdel Fattah El Sisi. “We move all slaughterhouses in the governorates out of residential blocks and coordinate between the governorates and the State Land Use Authority to develop and improve the capacity of governmental slaughterhouses and move them out of residential blocks”, noted the Minister.

In her remarks, Minister Yasmin Fouad emphasized the necessity for all massacres to obtain environmental approvals and adhere to environmental conditions in the framework of the study of the current situation prepared by the authority. 

It was also noted that the study showed a number of massacres in 11 governorates; a number were developed, and another required development outside the residential block.

“There are massacres under construction; a committee is directed to form by the Ministry of the Environment to study the carnage listed under construction on environmental approvals and to follow up the environmental situation of existing carnage”, added Minister Fouad.


Environmental action, which has taken a new perspective in recent years, seeks to boost the ability of business and industrial activities to comply with environmental conditions, helping to drive the wheel of development, protect natural resources and preserve the environment for sustainable livelihoods and preserve the right of current and future generations.

Yasmin Fouad has indicated the formation of an environmental committee to check the massacres in the governorates and identify the ones that need to be moved out of the residential block by choosing an environmentally appropriate location.

The move-out would be conducted in the framework of the Ministry of Environment’s care to maintain the environmental situation inside residential blocks without directly impacting this important activity to the citizens.

On his part, Major General Nasser Fawzi, the head of the State Land Utilities Authority, pointed out that the development and relocation of the slaughterhouse outside the residential block will contribute to the provision of a healthy and clean environment.

He referred to the role of the ministries, Housing and Health and the Omartian Communities Authority in helping the project meet the current challenges and the role of the Ministry of Environment in granting the necessary environmental approvals to the slaughterers. Let’s move it out of the residential blocks.

Tariq Saeed


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