Hamas releases female hostage along with two children

In a video footage hamas seemed to have released an Israeli woman along with two children.

In a recently surfaced video, it is claimed that Hamas released a female hostage along with two children. All of them reportedly have been taken hostage since the eruption of war last Saturday.

The name of the woman is Avital Aladjem, and the children who were released actually belonged to her neighbour’s family. Trio was reportedly released near the fence between Israel and the Gaza Strip.


in video a woman was seen walking towards a child and then embracing her in arms alongside the fence which is there as border line between Israel and Gaza strip.

Although video surfaced on social media sites recently, but still the exact date of the release is not confirmed.

According  to some sources she was released on same day that is beggining day of hamas attack on last Saturday under the operation called “Al-Aqsa Flood”.

It is confirmed that woman was an Israeli national and relesed by Hamas who took her into custody after the clashes bagan last week. Two children seen in the video clip also confirmed as Israeli National.

Surprinisngly Israeli miltary and large number of media houses has dismissd the facts of  video. Accorind to them this is just a tact used by Hamas to change the narrative in  their favour.

Avichay AdraeeI, sraeli military spokesman for Arabic-language media stated that “hamas is using the differnt tacts to change the truth of facts. Hamas is publishing such kind of videos just the push forward their propaganda”


Avichay Adraee , also mentioned that truth is crystal clear and Hamas is more dangerious than ISIS(Daesh) committing most inhuman and henious attack on Israeli Civilian.He reaffirmed that  we will contnue or attack against Hamas.

It is worth to mention that till now there is no exact figure avaible ragrding the number of hostage.howover it is becomming apparent  that Hamas is planning to use these hostage for bargaining the release of deatainees by Israeli occupation authorities.

Tariq Saeed


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