Health Minister checks for number of COVID-infected voters at “The Bahrain Opposition Center”

Health and Justice Minister checked the readiness of "The Bahrain Opposition Center" to receive the number of voters infected with coronavirus on November 07 2022, election day.

Health and Justice Minister checked the readiness of “The Bahrain Opposition Center” to receive the number of voters infected with coronavirus on November 07 2022, election day.

His Excellency Dr Jalila, daughter of Al-Sayed Jawad Hassan, Minister of Health, and His Excellency Mr Nawaf bin Mohammed Al-Mawadeh, Minister of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments, Chairman of the Supreme Committee for General Supervision on the Safety of Elections, in the presence of Counselor Nawaf Abdullah Hamz Chairman of the Legislative Council and Legal Opinion, Elections Executive Director The Prosecutor and Municipal Council 2022, on an inspection visit to the 15th Committee, based at the Bahrain International Center for Exhibitions and Conferences (Manama), to review the efforts being made to receive voters confirmed to be infected with Coronavirus (Covid 19) on the voting day of November 12, and at the Cases that require replay on the 19th of the same month.


Her Excellency Dr. Jalila, daughter of Jawad Hassan, the Minister of Health, confirmed that the parliamentary and municipal elections for 2022 will form a new station of the democratic march based on the National Work Charter under the leadership of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa, the king of the great country, may God protect and preserve him, and follow-up His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa The Crown Prime Minister, may Allah protect him.

She said: “As the Ministry of Health, we are pleased to be an active partner in contributing to the success of the organizational process of the 2022 parliamentary and municipal elections,” noting that the Ministry of Health has harnessed all facilities and medical and preventive equipment to allocate a general committee for voting and sorting to enable any thief.

B infected with coronavirus (Covid-19) from participating in the parliamentary and municipal elections, among “Series of medical measures and precautions as the general centre receives Covid-19 patients with a display of PCR nasal swab or rapid test device result.”

She confirmed that an integrated health clinic had been set up within the General Center for Coronavirus (Covid-19) at the Bahrain International Center for Opposition in Manama in case any infected voter called for medical follow-up, noting that the medical clinic is complete and contains all the equipment. The medical that is necessary.

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