India-Japan sets example in strategic ties among the world: REPORTS

India:  The relationship between India and Japan has been established for a long time beyond any boundaries and economic alliances, which is known as the strongest nation. The cooperation between both nations is directly connected to the roots of a common heritage related to Buddhist ideology and principles.

India:  The relationship between India and Japan has been established for a long time beyond any boundaries and economic alliances, which is known as the strongest nationThe cooperation between both nations is directly connected to the roots of a common heritage related to Buddhist ideology and principles.

As per the recent ANI (Asian News International) report, the people of India and Japan share a special and mutual people-to-people bond that connects them on a deeper level. 


The bilateral association between both nations is considered multi-cornered cooperation, which holds every widening scope to expand.

Furthermore, the relationship between Asian Countries was founded on the fundamental principle of trust and faith in each other, which only extended with time and is now heading towards being a great example of mutually understood diplomacy. 

As per the recent example of the long-standing bond between both nations, Japan provided India with exceptional assistance in terms of financial and technological support to build one of the largest metro networks in the globe, known as the Delhi Metro, along with other metro corridors, completed 20 years in motion.

The Delhi Metro project reflects the two countries’ successful operations in the last two decades. It displays the character of Indian-Japanese cooperation in the strongest strategic partnership, intense cultural connection, and tactical geopolitical support.

Moving forward, in another allying India and Japan, the two sides have collaborated on major other projects such as manufacturing the first bullet train in India.

The work has now nearly 25 per cent done so far, and the progress in the project make sure that India’s first bullet train is scheduled to hit the tracks by 2027.


On his part, Japanese Ambassador to India, Hiroshi Suzuki, recently added that “the team of Japan and India has been working tirelessly together for a long time. And in my opinion, there is already a revolution on its way to make a big positive impact”.

Both Japan and India enjoy extraordinary and extraordinary relations and partnership, which is both strategic and global. Both countries’ ministries cooperate in many essential areas of work, such as defence and security.

The international forum we are closely cooperating with UN Security Council. “The trade imbalances have been narrowed and controlled on a large scale between India and Japan. With time passing, Indian exports to Japan rise yearly, including petroleum products, chemicals, and elements.

As per the recent updates from the India Ministry of External Affairs, the cooperation of the trade between the two Asian countries for the Financial Year 2021-22 touched the mark of USD 20.57 billion. India’s exports to Japan were recorded at nearly USD 6.18 billion, while India’s imports from Japan were settled at USD 14.39 billion.

In addition, the Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida, on his last year visit to India, declared a USD 42 billion investment in India under the plan for the next five years. Experts say Japanese power corridors consider India one of the world’s most reliable partners.

Additionally, with the 14 bilateral premier-level summits, a continuous flow of people and tech, and uniquely integrated yet individual strategies to counter global threats, the ties between Indian-Japanese have become an interesting case study and a great example in front of the entire world.

As per the reports, the work ethics of both nations have their way of dealing with the issues and global challenges. And the recent examples follow as the countries had come with distinction stances on the conflict and war between Russia and Ukraine; however, this puts no bearing on their mutual relationship.

Following the end, the trades between India and Japan, such as military, investments, and foreign businesses, also include democratic and pro-peace pro-people in domestic and foreign policies as well.

In the end, both India and Japan have been showing a significant examples on an individual level, which reflects that good can be achieved by peaceful means and mediums. The global community should learn and adopt ways to nurture their alliance with mutual relationships.


Tariq Saeed

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