Indian NDRF conducts rescue operations under “Operation Dost” initiative in Turkey

India: The Indian National Disaster Response Force officer Ravinder issued a statement which read, “India stands with Turkey in current crisis just like a friend in need,” during the ongoing rescue options in Turkey by India under ‘Operation Dost’.

India: The Indian National Disaster Response Force officer Ravinder issued a statement which read, “India stands with Turkey in current crisis just like a friend in need,” during the ongoing rescue options in Turkey by India under ‘Operation Dost’.

He further added, “NDRF is conducting the rescue operations and making every possible effort to save those stuck in the ruins as the army and police are working day and night jointly for the same.”


In addition, Ravinder cited, “The Indian NDRF is receiving full cooperation and required support from the locals of Turkey, and we are standing beside Turkey just as the friend in time need. NDRF was able to save two people and retrieved several dead bodies near about 22; the rescue operations will continue,”

Earlier, The Ambassador of Turkey to India, Firat Sunel, echoed the same sentiments during this hard time for the nation in an interview with ANI (Asia News International) said, “Operation Dost by Indian rescue forces is an essential operation for Turkey which reflects the friendship as Dost is the Hindi and Turkish word and which means friends.”

“The current operation showcases the bilateral friendship between India and Turkey, and friends stand with each other always in challenging situations,” Ambassador Sunel added. The reports have stated that the videos of the rescue operations are getting viral in Turkey, whereas the machines are also getting used in removing rumbles of destructed buildings.

In the videos, NDRF officers are seen providing essential supplies and jackets with the ‘Operation Dost’ logo on them, along with facilities of special vans dedicated to rescuing people. Additionally, buildings have become a complete shambles and ruin with ambulances on the road.

The Indian NDRF has also set up a medical post in Turkey to assist the victims with necessary medical treatment. On his part, the commanding officer of NDRF, Gurminder, conveyed to ANI, “It has been six days, and the operation is in full motion, among which we rescued one person yesterday. The chances of finding other survivors are not much, but we are continuously searching for people to rescue.”

“The NDRF has provided special vehicles with female officers and dogs trained by NDRF at the locations during the rescue operations. We are getting appropriate support and fuel from the disaster management authority of Turkey for day-to-day operations,” commanding officer Gurminder noted.


Furthermore, “We are still carrying our best hopes as we managed to rescue one person after the search of 104 hours; NDRF usually works for six to nine days as long as there is a hope of finding more survivors,” he cited in his interview.

India’s National Disaster Response Force has tremendously saved a six-year-old girl child and got appreciation. At the same time, a lot of the credit for such a rescue operation deserved to be reserved for ‘Romeo’ and ‘Julie’ part of the dog squad of NDRF.

As per the statistics, the number has crossed 35,000 in Turkey and northwestern Syria regarding the earthquakes as the rescue effort continues, confirmed reports.


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