Taiwan detects over two dozen Chinese aircrafts after joint exercise of US in South China Sea

Taipei City, Taiwan: United States Navy and Marine Corps commemorated a joint exercise in the South China Sea, after which more than a dozen Chinese aircraft were detected flying around Taiwan on Monday morning.

Taipei City, Taiwan: United States Navy and Marine Corps commemorated a joint exercise in the South China Sea, after which more than a dozen Chinese aircraft were detected flying around Taiwan on Monday morning.

As per the information, Taiwan Defense Ministry tweeted, “18 PLA aircraft along with 4 PLAN vessels were detected over the airspace of Taiwan by 6 am. ROC Armed Forces have closely analyzed the situation and asked CAP aircraft, Navy vessels and land-based missile systems to be ready and respond to these activities.”


In addition, the tweet read, “the detected aircraft included 11 (, J-10*4, J-11*2, Z-9 ASW, J-16*2, Y-8 ASW, and BZK-005 UAV RECCE) which crossed the line of the Taiwan Strait and trespassed in the southwest region of Taiwan ADIZ, flights paths as reported.”

The reports have stated that, amid the worsening relationships between China and the United States, the USS Carrier Strike Group, along with the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit, conducted the “integrated expeditionary strike force” operations in the Sea of South China on Saturday.

In addition, China incursions have also been recognized as the latest sign of aggression against the exercise, Fox News reported. Furthermore, the 7th Fleet based in Japan noted that “The mobility and sustainability given by the amphibious platforms provide the Marine Corps and US Navy teams an asymmetric advantage and benefit in a maritime environment,”.

Moreover, the 7th Fleet of Japan added, “This seamless naval integration founded a powerful presence in the territory, which supports peace and stability,” 

As per Fox News, China’s claim to a wide swath of the Sea of South China has put the nation at odds and difficulties with its neighbour countries.

Additionally, in December, the State Department instructed China “to respect and vow to the law made internationally for the sea in the South China Sea region,” saying that their actions “showcases a continues unpleasure for other South China Sea partners along with states operating lawfully in the area.”


The United States and China relations have hit a rough patch which turned the scenario of their bilateral relationships in the wake of the shooting down of the suspected Chinese spy balloon over the South Carolina coast.

Notably, in total, the US has shot down four unidentified objects since then. Fox News concluded that “Make no mistake: as we made public last week if China threatens our sovereignty and security, we will act to protect our country. And we did,” President Biden said in his State of the Union address last week.


Tariq Saeed


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