Moon-shaped luxurious resort set to open in Dubai soon

Dubai is the most desirable destination for people who love luxuries and tourism. Dubai has always amazed the world with its architectural achievements and other luxurious construction.

Dubai is the most desirable destination for people who love luxuries and tourism. Dubai has always amazed the world with its architectural achievements and other luxurious construction. Once again, it seems they surprise the world with their enormous moon-shaped Resort.
The ultra-luxurious hotel, whose outside will demonstrate the lunar surface, is expected to be constructed in 48 months and reach a height of 735 feet. According to the architectural firm, “Moon Dubai” will boost the economy of the emirate in areas including hospitality, entertainment, tourist attractions, education, technology, the environment, and space tourism.
In order to provide visitors with “cheap space tourism on the ground,” a Canadian architecture firm called Moon World Resorts has proposed to develop the Resort within the time of four years. The Resort’s main distinguishing feature will be a replica of the lunar surface that visitors can explore via shuttles, making space tourism possible on earth. The opening requires year-long planning and is expected to be completely functional by 2027-28.
According to the founders of Moon World Resorts, Sandra G. Matthews and Michael R. Henderson, “Moon Dubai will be the largest and most successful modern-day tourism project within the entire MENA region. It will double the annual tourism visitations to Dubai based on its global appeal, brand awareness, and unique multiple integrated offerings. This moon resort can comfortably accommodate 10 million visitors every year”.
Moon World Resorts, the architectural company, is planning to cooperate with Sky Vilas,  worldwide famous for offering private residences on the Moon. Currently, the company is acquiring permits, and organising road shows to advertise the Moon for their future customers. A one-year pre-development programme will be followed by a four-year build-out programme for the company.
This luxurious Resort offers its visitors a spa and wellness area, a nightclub, event space, an international meeting area, a lounge, and an internal moon shuttle. The hotel will serve as a training ground and a meeting place for several space agencies’ astronauts.
The Moon resort is expected to generate $1.8 billion in annual revenue and will cost around $5 billion for construction. The company is now getting licences and organising road shows for advertisement.

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