Rare luxury watches worth $3.4 million seized from Dubai’s passenger at Indian airport

Luxury watches worth $3.4 million have been seized from one of Dubai's passengers at an Indian airport.

Luxury watches worth $3.4 million have been seized from one of Dubai’s passengers at an Indian airport.

The passenger arrived from Dubai at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi on Thursday with rare and luxurious watches with him.


An Indian Citizen who arrived from Dubai was arrested after the security check. It was revealed that around seven timepieces, some rare and others encrusted with jewels, were found in his hand luggage after arriving at Indira Gandhi International Airport.

The customs officials at the International Airport checked the luggage and were shocked to see seven luxury watches worth $3.4 million in hand luggage.

Customs officials opened examinations after the man was halted and searched.

The watches were of the different luxury brands, including American-made Jacob & Co watch, a Swiss Piaget timepiece and five Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches with a rare dial and bezel colour were found in the hand luggage of an Indian man who was returning from Dubai.

Out of seven luxury watches, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch was designed in 1931; the luxury watch was created with the limited edition and pieces at that time.

The official social media account of Delhi Customs tweeted the information with photographs of all seven luxury watches.


Delhi Customs tweeted with the caption wording, ” AirCustoms@IGIA have booked a case of smuggling of highly expensive watches against an Indian national arriving from Dubai after seven rare jewel studded watches valued over Rs 28 crores was recovered from his hand bag. The pax has been arrested. Further investigations are underway.”

An unworn 2022 model in perfect condition can fetch as much as Dh162,000 on the second-hand market.

The Swiss manufacturer makes about a million watches each year, but consumer demand outstrips supply, particularly for rare models that often increase in value.


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