Tommy Fleetwood’s CGI Golf Stunt Takes Dubai by Storm

The breathtaking footage captures the moment as a skydiver tracks the descent of the golf ball from the plane to its target at the Dubai Creek Resort, creating an illusion of gravity-defying golf

Dubai, February 16, 2024 – The realm of golf has witnessed some extraordinary feats over the years, but none quite as spectacular as Tommy Fleetwood’s recent venture into the world of CGI-assisted stunts. 

The British golfer, who recently triumphed at the Dubai Invitational, has taken the internet by storm with a jaw-dropping display of precision and imagination.


In a video posted on the DP World Tour’s Instagram account, Fleetwood can be seen attempting the seemingly impossible: making a hole-in-one from a cargo plane soaring high above the Emirate. 

The breathtaking footage captures the moment as a skydiver tracks the descent of the golf ball from the plane to its target at the Dubai Creek Resort, creating an illusion of gravity-defying golf.

The stunt, which has garnered widespread attention and admiration, was masterminded by Brandon Baum, a renowned content creator specializing in visual effects. 

With over 15 million followers and a staggering 10 billion views across his social media platforms, Baum is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Upon being questioned about the surreal feat during the first round of the Genesis Invitational, Fleetwood expressed his gratitude for being part of such a groundbreaking project. 

“Brandon was over there in Dubai, and he’s obviously been amazing with content,” Fleetwood remarked. “Yeah, I guess he just was doing a collaboration with the DP World Tour, and I was the lucky one who got to go through the whole process of making something really cool.”


While the video may have left many viewers in awe, it’s important to note that the spectacle was crafted through the magic of CGI. 

Despite its fictional nature, the stunt has resonated with audiences worldwide, sparking conversations about the intersection of sports and technology.

In an era where social media plays an increasingly prominent role in shaping public perception, collaborations between athletes and content creators like Baum offer a glimpse into the future of sports marketing. 

By leveraging the power of visual effects and storytelling, these collaborations have the potential to captivate audiences in ways previously unimaginable.

As Tommy Fleetwood’s CGI golf stunt continues to make waves online, one thing is abundantly clear: in the digital age, the boundaries of possibility are limited only by the bounds of imagination. 

Whether it’s hitting balls off iconic landmarks or making hole-in-ones from the skies above, the world of golf is poised for even more spectacular feats in the years to come.


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Tariq Saeed


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