Saint Lucia : Government elevates economy by developing infrastructure with CBI’s funds

The newly elected government of Saint Lucia is giving more attention to elevating its citizens' standards. The government is developing more advanced and well-built infrastructure with the help of funds collected through the CBI programme. The government also generates employment opportunities for the citizens of Saint Lucia by technologizing and redeveloping schools, hospitals and healthcare centres.

The newly elected government of Saint Lucia is giving more attention to elevating its citizens’ standards. The government is developing more advanced and well-built infrastructure with the help of funds collected through the CBI programme. The government also generates employment opportunities for the citizens of Saint Lucia by technologizing and redeveloping schools, hospitals and healthcare centres.

For the speedy economic growth of a country, a well-founded infrastructure is required. Saint Lucia’s government realize the significance of a dependable infrastructure. Using CBI’s funds, Saint Lucia makes enormous investments to generate high-standard jobs to elevate the living standard of citizens.


Undisputedly, the infrastructure plays a vital role in lifting a country’s economy. To ensure the uprise in their economy, the government of Saint Lucia is making considerable investments to increase social mobility, vital services, access to jobs, ideas and educational opportunities.

Making it their top priority, the government has been working with a new vision and with the newly elected government, led by Prime Minister Philip J Pierre at the helm, have been working hard to provide its people with better infrastructure. The government anticipates building and shaping a new, prosperous and resilient future with the help of the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP).

Launched in 2016, the Citizenship by Investment Programme of Saint Lucia is the newest and most advanced programme in the Caribbean, providing alternative citizenship to high-net-worth investors (HNWIs). Apart from this, the CIP also helps the country in areas of upliftment and advancement. The Citizenship by Investment Programme plays an important role in building and creating a better future.

The government has assured residents and citizens of the country that they will see an increase in developed infrastructure in the upcoming years. The new government endeavours to utilise the funds generated through the programme to build new housing units, schools, hospitals and healthcare, wellness centres, roads, bridges, sports complexes and other projects of public interest.

The world came to a standstill during the COVID-19 pandemic and this in turn placed a spotlight on the need for strong and advanced health infrastructure to manage possible healthcare crises in the future. Saint Lucia has assured the general public that having a new, developed health sector equipped with modern amenities is a priority. The Ministry of Health and Wellness of the country is also taking urgent steps to strengthen the healthcare sector through the CIP of Saint Lucia.

The government of Saint Lucia has announced that part of these plans include the country building a new “smart” hospital with modern equipment and advanced treatment techniques. The hospital will be funded via the Citizenship by Investment Programme of Saint Lucia.


The health ministry of Saint Lucia also recently received a donation of equipment to enhance the healthcare facilities at St Jude Hospital. The hospital now has two significant pieces of medical equipment – a haematology analyser and an immunoassay analyser, which will strengthen the delivery of diagnostic tests in the laboratory of the hospital. This was a significant donation by the Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Jenny Daniel.

With the installation of new facilities and technology, the government and health ministry also provide training to the medical personnel concerned to enhance their knowledge and broaden their skills.

These upliftments, advancements and developments are either partially or fully funded by the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) of Saint Lucia. The country has been welcoming investors and their families to apply for alternative citizenship since 2016. Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Programme has performed exceptionally well in the CBI Index 2021, a publication of the PWM Magazine of the Financial Times. The programme ranked four and topped three out of nice pillars of excellence, including minimum investment outlay, mandatory travel or residence and ease of processing.

Besides being one of the top choices for honeymooners and couples, Saint Lucia is also emerging as a choice for High Net Worth Individuals (HWNIs) across the globe for providing numerous business opportunities which will help in wealth planning and portfolio diversification. After witnessing global disasters and biological calamities, the world has become uncertain, and investors and individuals are looking to find a safe, stable and secure environment to spend their life. The CIP Programme of Saint Lucia meets all these requirements. Through this platform, the investors can explore new business opportunities, along with providing a secure future for their children.

An investor can apply for the alternative citizenship of Saint Lucia through the National Economic Fund Investment Option. The Economic Fund Option is popularly known as the Fund Option and contributes toward the socio-economic development of the country. The minimum investment under the Fund Option of Saint Lucia starts from USD 100,000.

The CIP is also known for being one of the most transparent in the industry, providing investors and applicants with an opportunity to access information on how funds are used. Another pillar which makes the CIP of Saint Lucia a strong candidate is its robust due-diligence procedures. The process is conducted by the CIP Unit of Saint Lucia and an independent third-party firm.

The Citizenship by Investment Programme is chosen by investors for the following reasons:
Makes an individual a global citizen
Assists the applicant in expanding business overseas and helps in portfolio diversification and wealth planning
Provides an opportunity to spend the rest of their life in a peaceful and safe environment
Offers citizenship for life to the investor, which can be passed on to future generations
It’s a Plan B for the applicants and their families

The investor(s) can apply for the alternative citizenship of Saint Lucia by following the below-mentioned steps:
Step 1: Choose an Authorized Agent to process your application
Step 2: Complete the application
Step 3: Submit the application to the CIP Portal
Step 4: The documents and applications are then verified by the CIP Unit and undergo thorough due-diligence background checks
Step 5: The board takes the decision on the rejection or selection of the application
Step 6: The certificates are then handed over to the applicant


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