Sharjah: Taxis all set to use artificial intelligence to watch drivers’ behaviour

Taxis in Sharjah are all set to introduce a new artificial intelligence system in order to monitor the taxi drivers' behaviour to reduce accidents.

Taxis in Sharjah are all set to introduce a new artificial intelligence system in order to monitor the taxi drivers’ behaviour to reduce accidents.

Sharjah Taxi stated that the technology would detect sleepy drivers or those using mobile phones while driving.


Cameras and sensors will be installed in cars to monitor and look over driving patterns in real-time.

An executive director of Sharjah Taxi, Khalid Al Kindi, stated that the ‘smart taxi’ would consist of a mobile data unit linked to an integrated system.

He added that the technology would help to continuously understand the driver’s performance on the road.

This initiative aims to increase the level of services provided to the public with the highest standards of safety and security.

Through the system, it will be easy to evaluate the reasons behind the bad manners of drivers, such as using the mobile phone while driving, being drowsy or being distracted.

The system will also monitor the car’s condition, including its electronic parts’ efficiency, to detect any misuse by the taxi driver.


Al Kindi stated that the system helps regulate traffic flow and facilitate accessibility to significant places.

The notification system of smart devices will enable officers to identify and understand the causes of poor driving and help compile a comprehensive assessment of the on-the-road performances of drivers.

The cars will be linked to a control centre which will operate around 750 taxis in Sharjah.

Security cameras were earlier installed in Abu Dhabi taxis in 2015 to look over journeys to assure the safety of the driver as well as passengers.

Recently in 2020, Dubai introduced a new AI system in taxis to look over and track behaviour of the drivers. The UAE’s Roads and Transport Authority stated that the technology would be used to see tired and distracted drivers.


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