Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Officially Declared Breakup!!

Madison LeCroy wants the best for Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez in their breakup. LeCroy told Page Six on Thursday when we asked out about A-Rod and J.Lo declaring their split: “I wish them the best.”
It was possibly the perfect send-off to the celebrity exes from Madison after being involved in rumors that she had a relationship with Alex. Madison had earlier remained mum when we announced last month that Rodriguez and Jennifer were splitting. “You caught me off guard,” the 30-year-old star told when we informed her that A-Rod and J.Lo were splitting up. But now that their breakup is official, she sent her best wishes.

A few weeks after Jennifer, 51, and Alex, 45, the news declared that they were working through a few things following news breaking that the duo had ended their engagement in early March.
“They never broke up officially and discussed it but are still together. They caught a rough patch. But we are not broken up,” a source close to the duo told PEOPLE before. “She is working in the Dominican Republic, and he is in Miami. Hence it is hard seeing each other, especially with quarantining and coronavirus, but they want to try to stay together.” When the news came in early March that the two were on the brink of calling it quits, a source told PEOPLE it had “been a long time coming.”


However, soon after, Alex flew to the Dominican Republic, where the duo spent time together as she shoots Shotgun Wedding. In late March, a source told PEOPLE that the pair was “doing all they can to prioritize their relationship.”
“He returned to spend a few more days with Jennifer,” an insider told PEOPLE about Alex. “He’s making a big effort, and he wants Lopez to be happy.” The source revealed that she was “very much ready to give up” on their relationship, but “she is happy they’re still together.”

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