The death toll due to clashes between Syria Democratic Forces & Daesh rises to 65

On Friday, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has pushed back the latest attack on a prison housing thousands of Daesh prisoners.

According to press reports, on Friday, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has pushed back the latest attack on a prison housing thousands of Daesh prisoners.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) in London, a car bomb targeted the entrance of the Al-Ghuwayran Prison in Syria’s Al-Hasakah. Nearby, a second bomb blasted just a few seconds before the Daesh militants attacked Kurdish security personnel guarding the facility.


“The detained Daesh terrorists in Ghwayran prison in Al-Hasaka attempted to escape, one more time, with the help of a car bomb explosion,” said SDF blaming the attack on the Daesh sleeper cells.

Following the attack, SDF released a statement and mentioned that the attack aimed to free the Daesh detainees from the prison.

However, according to the SOHR, some of the convicts managed to escape the jail amid the attack. SOHR further claimed that there are 3,500 Daesh members and leaders in the prison. Reportedly, many people tried to escape but were apprehended.

According to an early assessment from SOHR, 39 Daesh terrorists, 23 SDF members, as well as five civilians were killed.

As per the preliminary information, the battles continued till Friday evening, resulting in a power blackout in Al-Hasakah, forcing hundreds of Syrians to abandon their homes.

“There have been aircraft, confrontations, and the killing of teenagers,” a 38-year-old victim said after escaping the home and added, “The situation is quite terrible. Because of the confrontations, we had to leave our home. We all were worried about our children’s safety.”


Meanwhile, the SDF reported that it had detained 89 mercenaries in the vicinity of the jail. Daesh militants nearby continued to launch fire, giving the detainees hope that they were still fighting for their liberation.

According to reports, over 12,000 Daesh fighters and leaders of 50 nationalities are held in Kurdish-run prisons in northern Syria.


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