Two Latino women launch international digital platform ‘Bright Black Fashion’

A new international digital platform named "Bright Black Fashion" is being launched this year. This platform will provide individuals with fresh talent in the fashion industry to showcase their skills on many online challenges. Once they clear the online tasks and get selected as finalists, they will be able to partake in the first season grand finale that will be held in Dubai in the month of June. 

A new international digital platform named “Bright Black Fashion” is being launched this year. This platform will provide individuals with fresh talent in the fashion industry to showcase their skills on many online challenges. Once they clear the online tasks and get selected as finalists, they will be able to partake in the first season grand finale that will be held in Dubai in the month of June. 

Famous faces in the Fashion industry will be taking part as judges in the finale, and they will be choosing the winners for each of the four categories based on the finalist’s work. The winners will get to work with elite fashion companies. 


The Four categories are:-

  • Makeup Artists 
  • Fashion designers 
  • Fashion photographers 
  • Models 

Two Latino women from the upcoming fashion industry, Alicia Becerra from Argentina and Andrea Laguna from Colombia, are behind this event. They have been living in Dubai for the last eight years, came together in the previous few years, and started working to make a bridge between complementary markets and grow a search for opportunities and support arising talent from all over the world. 

Alicia Becerra

Becerra is a citizen of San Luis, Argentina, who came to Dubai 8 years ago to develop her career in the fashion industry. She is a businesswoman now and has been working under a fashion designer in Dubai for the last four years. She is known for extending her efforts to help individuals overcome professional difficulties in order to improve their lives. 

Alicia stated, “Bright Black Fashion is an excellent start for the participants’ careers. There is so much talent, and variousness all over the world and many people work hard but did not get to the right opportunity at the right time, all we want is to offer them that unique opportunity.”

Andrea Laguna


Andrea is basically a Colombian singer with a career background in finance and business who came to Dubai eight years ago with a contract to share a stage in different venues with musicians from around the world but later became a freelancer in the UAE.

With every passing day away from home and experiencing a new culture, Andrea saw many new opportunities arising and started thinking about people searching for new beginnings or searching to get new experiences while entering a competitive international marketplace where continuous improvement is the only way to move forward. 

“We want to give chances to skilful people who have not got the chance to demonstrate everything they can do in their industry,” told Andrea. 

“I have not resided in many countries, but even if I have only experienced a few, that kind of exposure transforms you completely. I see it not only in myself but almost everyone who goes through it, and it opens your senses and network to evolve as a better version of yourself and continue chasing your dreams at the very least, living in different nations gives a fresh outlook on life. So with Alicia (my partner), we put together ties in fashion and experience in entertainment to open as many doors as possible for others too,” Andrea added.

Procedure to participate in this event:- 

Andrea explained, “It is very easy, anyone can register through our website or the link in our Instagram @brightblackfashion, they need to select the category they want to participate in, and that’s it!

They will get all the conditions through email for the category they selected and begin the challenges for the selection team to start the process.”

Bright Black Latin America Tour:- 

Bright Black Latin America Tour is looking forward to supporting and bringing the general public’s attention towards the Bright Black Fashion platform that will be taking place in Latin American countries (Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and others), showcasing different local and international designers. It will start for the first season in San Luis, Argentina, on 7 May 2022 in the convention center La Punta.

San Luis is a lovely and desired touristic location in Argentina, giving a perfect scenario for the show.

One of the biggest names in the fashion industry, Michael Cinco, who is a Filipino couture designer based in Dubai for almost twenty years and that has styled celebs like Jennifer López, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Sofía Vergara and Rihanna, will be the headline designer of the show being held in San Luis with other designers from the middle east such as Salma Khan and brands like The Victor Closet and arising designers from Latin America.

Alicia commented about the tour, “We have to get the word out that there is a new chance for those who are serious in earning an opportunity to shine and exhibit their work.”

Andrea told about the significant challenges that she and Alicia faced during the creation and launch of the platform. She stated, “The major challenges came with the situation of the world in the last few years being so closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty that it brought along, but it is now changing into a strength when people are yearning to reactive their lives back, and Bright Black Fashion comes in the perfect time to offer them exactly that, a new beginning.”

Furthermore, Andrea also told that how Bright Black Fashion is different from other scouting platforms or competitions that people see on Television or other platforms. She explained, “Well, about that, all I can say is that any measures to push forward and help new talents is always a positive reaction, in my opinion. We need to emphasise the talent and the participants, and by organising Bright Black Fashion in the international arena, having competitors from all over the world and in different categories, it makes synergies in the industry that go above the contest itself”.

“Also, for the time being, the independent start of this event has given us the space to adjust and develop organically with the industry and our audience, without the stress of a tight script, which tends to occur when presented on TV or screening platforms”. Andrea added.

Andrea explained the procedure regarding any collaboration, sponsors or support that any other company would be interested in providing them. She said, “Given the media partners we have right now (in Latin America and internationally), we can present our sponsors and engage a rising audience, and it is the way we will continue to support more and more skilled people around the world for this first season and the ones to come. They can write to us at the email,”.


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