UAE doctors removes over 200 kidney stones from Pakistani expat

Mian Khan, a Pakistani national, has been suffering from severe pain for the last four years due to kidney stones.

Mian Khan, a Pakistani national, has been suffering from severe pain for the last four years due to kidney stones.

The resident of Dubai approached a UAE hospital for treatment as the suffering impacted his life. The partnered work between an Intervention Cardiologist and urologist at Burjeel Speciality Hospital, Sharjah, removed over 200 stones from the patient.


A specialist urologist at Burjeel Speciality Hospital, Sharjah, treated Khan who was suffering from staghorn calculus, a condition in which huge renal stone branches out in the whole kidney.

The doctors advised the Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL) procedure conducted on patients with kidney stones immune to other types of treatment. Dr Gorde could remove the stones and save the patient’s kidney through this process.

Dr Gorde said, “While PCNL is a very common procedure, it became a time-consuming process in Khan’s case. I removed 200 stones via a small keyhole in his back, including a large stone of 36mm x 41 mm. After three days of surgery, the patient became well and was sent back home.

After over a week, Khan had a problem passing urine and came back to the hospital. Further scans disclosed a large clot in his bladder. After removing the clot, the doctors diagnosed Khan with possible bleeding through a blood vessel in the kidney.

Dr Gorde further explained that this rare recovery complication happens in 0.6-1% of cases with just two options. One includes emergency Nephrectomy (removal of the kidney). The second one is a kidney-saving option known as angioembolisation, which provides for very selectively stopping the bleed from vessels of hardly 1mm size.”

It is a highly skilled process. A team for the second procedure was prepared, said Dr Gorde, who immediately shifted Khan to the Cath Lab, where the where the cardiology team was waiting to take over.


A specialist interventional cardiologist at the hospital, Dr Rahul Chaudhary, did the super-selective angioembolisation surgery on Khan.

“The goal is to be as distal as possible to target the smallest and exact blood vessel responsible for bleeding. We recognised the bleeder via the angiography, and we could block it,” said Dr Chaudhary.

The process was conducted under local anaesthesia, and the doctors waited till particular bleeding stopped.


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