UAE singer Alira made International Record in India with his original song ‘We Are One’

Emirati singer Alira has made a new International Wonder Book of Records in India with an enormous cast of musicians for seven-minute single song production. 

Emirati singer Alira has made a new International Wonder Book of Records in India with an enormous cast of musicians for seven-minute single song production. 

In the event that was organized by a property company, Alira came to Mumbai in retaliation for his performance at Expo 2020 Dubai, where he released his 7-minute original song ‘We Are One.’

A representative from the International Wonder Book of Records approved on June 1 that Alira and the company have entered the record for an extraordinary feat. 

The new record was acquired in Mumbai with a supporting cast of around 500 people, out of which 195 carried the various flags of the world as Alira yet again sang his original song of unity. 

Alira gave an outstanding performance in his all-white princely suit. The song ‘We Are One’ by him is a fusion of gospel, pop and R&Boffering a powerful message of acceptance and love with a choir of unity in diversity. 

Cheers and applause rang out at the packed grand ballroom of the Seven-Eleven Hotels as well as Club as the musical production unfolded, which finished with the UAE and Indian flags raised on stage as Alira was encircled by an enthusiastic crowd that was waving the flags of the world.

In a speech at the end of his performance, Alira applauded the special ties of the UAE and India and is called for making more opportunities for the coming future generation to thrive.

Alira stated, “Let’s aim to boost our relationship. Let us create hope for our children and our children’s children because they are our future. And most importantly, let’s come jointly as one. Let’s realize our concept of life through each other’s eyes and push each other through victory as when we have each other, we have everything.”


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