UAE: Students marks excellence in GCSE exams after two years of Pandemic

Students in UAE performed excellently in GCSE results that came out on Thursday, 25 August 2022. Several students scored a straight nine in their exams.

Students in UAE performed excellently in GCSE results that came out on Thursday, 25 August 2022. Several students scored a straight nine in their exams.

For the last two years, grades were issued based on teachers’ assessments due to COVID19 Pandemic. Students could not participate in physical exams due to the covid guidelines in the country. After two years, it was the first time that students participated in GCSE exams.


Jared Nolan, Director of UK Curriculum Schools at Taaleem Education UAE, said, “It came as no surprise that students in the UAE have performed so well in GCSE exams.

In addition, Jared Nolan said that all of us are incredibly lucky the transition from school to online learning and back was done exceptionally well here. Students’ Education did not suffer in UAE compared to other parts of the world.

At the Taaleem network, over 40 per cent of exam entries were granted with the top grade of 9-8, which is equivalent to A*, with 61 per cent awarded at 9-7, which is equal to A*/A.

GEMS Education was awarded with incredible rewards. Out of the 3,128 students from schools that took the exams this year, more than 1,500 students achieved top grades of 9-8, which is equivalent to A*, 42 per cent of entries attained grades 9-7 A*-A, and 82 per cent of entries were awarded grades 9-4 A*-C.

Jumeirah College Dubai saw 55 per cent at 9-8 (A*), GEMS Wellington International School returned 39 per cent of all grades at 9-8 (A*) and GEMS Wellington Academy – Al Khail got 30 per cent of all rates at 9-8 (A*) and GEMS Wellington Academy, Silicon Oasis had 31 per cent of all grades at 9-8 (A*).

Dino Varkey, Group Chief Executive Officer, GEMS Education, said, “Our students are surpassing the UK national average, and every single one of them, regardless of their grades, should be proud of their achievements.”



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