Police officer lost leg after Porsche car collided with patrol car

A police officer in Dubai lost a leg after a driver of a Porsche collided with a patrol car in a reckless accident.

United Arab Emirates: A police officer in Dubai lost a leg after a driver of a Porsche collided with a patrol car in a reckless accident.
The leg of the officer was severely damaged as well as had to be amputated following the incident in Jebel Ali.
The details of the drama came to light in court as the woman contested a prison sentence at Dubai Traffic Court.
Judges were told that the 30-year-old Emirati was driving her Porsche recklessly when the accident took place on March 21.
Moreover,  the incident occurred when a patrol car was called to the area when a vehicle broke down in the middle of a road.
After pushing the stalled vehicle to the side of the carriageway, as well as despite using sirens and hazard lights, Porsche failed to stop on the road.
The police officer was crashed by the Porsche, after which the car collided with the broken-down vehicle as well as injured one of its passengers.
Along with this, the broken-down vehicle’s driver sustained moderate injuries.
A road accident reconstruction expert shared the information with the Dubai Traffic Court. The woman solely bares the responsibility for the crash.
The expert mentioned in the court, “It was a direct result of her negligence and lack of attention.”
The Dubai traffic prosecutors charged the woman with endangering life as well as damaging property.
In addition, she was sentenced to one month in jail in the month of June as well as her driving licence was suspended for about three months.
The female was granted a retrial when she admitted to charges as well as pleaded for leniency, but the verdict was issued in absentia.
The court quashed the woman’s sentence as well as replaced it with a Dh10,000 fine. In its ruling, the court stated it was showing leniency towards her.
The verdict stated, “Despite the fact that the verdict is based on accurate legal grounds and should be upheld, the court sees in its capacity to take the defendant by leniency and amend the punishment to a fine of Dh10,000.”


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