First robot chef ‘Flippy’ to come soon in Wimpy restaurant, Dubai

Restaurants in the United Arab Emirates will soon be having robots as chefs to prepare meals for customers.

Restaurants in the United Arab Emirates will soon be having robots as chefs to prepare meals for customers.

Americana Restaurants, which runs KFC, Pizza Hut and Hardees in the Middle East and North Africa, has partnered up with Miso Robotics to launch ‘FLIPPY 2’, a robot as a machine employee in the workplace.


The robotics company will test Flippy 2, which is a robotic arm that utilises machine learning and artificial intelligence in Dubai Mall at the Wimpy restaurant.

Flippy doesn’t get tired, take breaks or sweat in the food being prepared, nor can it suffer any injury through cooking.

This will be the first phase of the contract, with development planned in other Americana restaurants during the coming months.

The brand director of Wimpy, Melvin Michael, stated the move would help the restaurant to keep up with the modern market trends.

He stated, “Americana Restaurants’ collaboration with Miso Robotics marks a notable milestone for the company as we seek to address shifting customer behaviours and preferences via innovative technological solutions.”

Flippy 2 is a robot which can be customised that can perform several cooking tasks automatically in fast-food diners.


While using machine learning as well as AI vision, it can also work as a complete fry station, helping to make a more efficient environment for work. Several US restaurants are establishing a new robot arm to make food faster.

White Castle, an American chain, is said to install 100 Flippy 2 machines, which will fry items and will also flip burgers.

The restaurant has tried the initial version of the robot after collaborating with Miso Robotics in 2020.

The chief executive of Miso Robotics, Mike Bell, stated the company wants to provide its services all over the world.

A 2020 report by restaurant consulting firm Aaron Allen and Associates indicated that over 80 percent of restaurant jobs, including cooking, serving, and preparation, could possibly be taken over by automation.

First robot chef 'Flippy' to come soon in Wimpy restaurant, Dubai
First robot chef ‘Flippy’ to come soon in Wimpy restaurant, Dubai


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