Unprecedented Hailstorm Hits Al Ain, Residents Delight Amidst Destruction

Despite the chaos it brought, there was a palpable sense of thrill and wonder among adults and children alike as they engaged in impromptu hail fights and explored the hail-laden grounds

Al Ain, UAE – Al Ain residents awoke to a surreal sight on Monday morning as the streets were transformed into a wintry wonderland by a deluge of icy hail.

This unusual weather event, characterized by giant balls of hail pelting cars, windows, and surroundings, left many residents astonished by the intensity of the phenomenon.


Dubbed the country’s best-known ‘storm chaser,’ Fahad Mohamad Abdul Rehman once again proved his prowess by capturing captivating footage of the hailstorm and the ensuing excitement among residents.

Despite the chaos it brought, there was a palpable sense of thrill and wonder among adults and children alike as they engaged in impromptu hail fights and explored the hail-laden grounds.

Fahad, a 27-year-old Emirati resident of Dubai, demonstrated his uncanny ability to predict such natural events. He revealed to Khaleej Times that he had foreseen the hailstorm two weeks prior based on the unusual weather patterns he observed.

His timely arrival in Al Ain at 4 am, even before the storm commenced, allowed him to document the unfolding spectacle firsthand.

“The weather two weeks ago had suddenly gotten hot, which is unusual for this time of the year,” Fahad explained. “After that, there was a brief period with gusts of Shamal air followed by warm weather again. This usually means some type of unusual phenomenon might take place.”

As predicted, the heavy hailstorm began around 5 am and persisted for over an hour, leaving behind a trail of destruction and awe. Fahad described the ice pellets as unusually large, causing significant damage to cars and property.


Fortunately, most residents were safely indoors during the storm’s peak.

Videos shared by Fahad showcased the sheer magnitude of the hailstorm, from the relentless downpour of hail to the surreal sight of cars navigating through dunes blanketed in ice.

Despite the treacherous conditions, many residents embraced the unique experience, forming makeshift ‘snowmen’ with the hailstones.

However, amidst the excitement, some residents expressed concern over the storm’s ferocity and the extent of its damage.

Sujit Kumar, an Indian resident of Al Ain, recounted his harrowing experience as the storm wreaked havoc on his surroundings.

“The storm started around 5 am with heavy rain and winds,” Sujit recalled. “Unfortunately, it has destroyed all the front and rear glass panels and dented the body of several cars. The glass windows and name boards of some shops were damaged too.”

In a video shared by Sujit, cars buried under a thick layer of hail up to their wheels underscored the severity of the situation. Despite the challenges posed by the unprecedented hailstorm, the resilience and spirit of the Al Ain community shone through.

As residents grappled with the storm’s aftermath, there was a collective sense of gratitude for their safety amidst the chaos, along with a newfound appreciation for the unpredictable forces of nature.

As cleanup efforts commence and life gradually returns to normalcy, the memory of this extraordinary hailstorm will undoubtedly linger in the minds of Al Ain residents for years to come.


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Tariq Saeed

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