‘66% of UAE visited restaurants for luxury tea,’ says Dilmah

Dilmah Ceylon Tea Company said, tea is getting high appreciation amongst the youth these days, as a trend is moving towards lower caffeine, healthier, rich in antioxidants and natural beverages.

Dilmah Ceylon Tea Company said, tea is getting high appreciation amongst the youth these days, as a trend is moving towards lower caffeine, healthier, rich in antioxidants and natural beverages.

Dilmah started dispatching tea to the UAE in the early 1990s and presently serves around 107 markets worldwide. The brand serves 30 airlines and around 3,000 hotels.


The company has recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of its partnership with Emirates Airlines. Both Emirates and Dilmah were only ten years old when that cooperation began. The length of co-operation can be accredited to a joint effort to offer creative, tea-inspired experiences to guests of Emirates both in Lounges and on flights.

Dilhan C. Fernando, Tea Grower and Dilmah CEO, said, “We have crafted together. The Pearl Anniversary of our co-operation was celebrated with the launch of a small batch, seasonal and limited-edition tea. That focus will persist because the tea category is in gain in the region, on the health and wellness in tea, related to the natural antioxidants that tea uniquely offers. However, we will go further, presenting consumers with a unique outlook on the luxury that tea embodies, with a single estate, single region and seasonal teas that we make in our tea gardens.”

The UAE has been defined through its appreciation of luxury and is also a new benchmark for luxury in many different ways.

The latest research showed that 66% of the UAE visited a restaurant/hotel for a luxury high tea in the past year, and 58% of high-income guests only look for luxury tea in their rooms.

The brand has recently completed many sessions at the Dilmah School of Tea in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. More than 300 hospitality professionals benefit from the knowledge that ignites creativity and inspiration in tea, tea mixology, and tea gastronomy.

Tea is also expected by Euromonitor to have touched a value of Dh1 billion in 2021. The growth is also estimated to be sustained in the coming future as tea begins to feature noticeably in the beverage choices of a new generation of younger consumers.


Dilmah is a leading tea brand that conducted research with YouGov, and it showed that around 66% of UAE visited restaurants or hotels for luxury tea. It further revealed that 34% of guests order a luxury tea whenever they go to a hotel.

In support of promoting the role of luxury tea, Dilmah organized its School of Tea program, the World’s first tea school certificate in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in the company of over 200 participants from the hospitality sector.


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