Rare gem “Ruby” to be showcased in Dubai on 15 April

The "Aries" and "Burj Alhamal" is an 8,400 carat, 2.8 kg ruby that is mined from Winza village in central Tanzania that is will be showcased by the guest of honour, Tamer Hassan, who is a renowned Hollywood actor, on April 15 at Dubai's Waldorf Astoria Financial Centre.

The “Aries” and “Burj Alhamal” is an 8,400 carat, 2.8 kg ruby that is mined from Winza village in central Tanzania that is will be showcased by the guest of honour, Tamer Hassan, who is a renowned Hollywood actor, on April 15 at Dubai’s Waldorf Astoria Financial Centre.

SJ Gold and Diamond, which is a gem and mineral asset management enterprise in Dubai specialising in providing investment opportunities for rare precious gems, is all set to launch the rarest gemstone in its new “Callisto Collection”, which is made up of unique and rare stones that are worth millions of dollars.


The managing director of SJ Gold and Diamond, Patrick Pilati, said, “This is the first time we are introducing our crown gem of the collection. Unveiling this one-of-a-kind gemstone to the public for bidding is an evident continuance of our commitment towards showcasing the best of the best in the UAE.”

The ruby will be making its first appearance in public at an event on April 15, Friday at the Waldorf Astoria DIFC, and it will later be auctioned off in a Dubai market after Ramadan, where it is estimated to be sold for around $120 million.

The new collection by SJ Gold and Diamond ‘Callisto Collection’ presents rare and hidden treasures from the rarest locations around the globe. Each diamond and gem of this particular collection has its own story to tell and which has never been presented before in front of humans. The collection has been named after the renowned Arcadian Nymph, Callisto of Greek Mythology, and it is an everlasting ode to timeless beauty.

The Crown gem of this collection is 12 rare rough rubies, consisting of 236,000 carats and found in Tanzania. The jewel is said to be hidden for almost ten years.

Each unpolished ruby, coming in mixed sizes, is presented in the collection’s logo, tethered jointly by gold lines to form our very own constellation.




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