Abu Dhabi Police starts “Comment For You” initiative, broadcast video of violation 

Abu Dhabi Police, in cooperation with the Center for Tracking and Control and as part of the "Comment For You" initiative, broadcast a video of the violation of the road's shoulder.

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police, in cooperation with the Center for Tracking and Control and as part of the “Comment For You” initiative, broadcast a video of the violation of the road’s shoulder.

Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrol Directorate urged drivers to avoid overtaking other vehicles incorrectly, warned not to overtake the shoulder of the road for emergency situations and emergency vehicles which enhances the speed of access to accident sites, ambulance and saving their lives, and asked drivers to leave adequate and safe distance to avoid sudden stopping of vehicles without warning on Roads and during the flow of traffic in internal roads, respect traffic rules, driving ethics and avoid road wrong behaviour.


She pointed out that Article No. 42 of the Federal Traffic Law calls for “overtaking from the shoulder of the road”, a violation of 1000 dirhams and six traffic points.

Abu Dhabi police have warned drivers, especially families, within the “Safe Summer” campaign, of choking children inside vehicles, stating alone that endangering their lives is a crime punishable by law, primarily to neglect families.

 The child is unaware of the dangers surrounding him as a result of his lack of awareness and will be dismissed. Everyone who proves his negligence in such cases is to the judicial authorities to take legal action on their own.

Parents have called on strengthening the protection of children and emphasized the necessity of not forgetting them inside vehicles, especially in this summer atmosphere or leaving them alone while shopping or for any other reason, where the role of the family is vital in this context, she hope such accidents do not happen which are victimized by innocents.

She explained that leaving children in vehicles may cause them to die or suffocate as a result of children tampering with and locking the key of the confusing, leading to a lack of oxygen, higher temperatures inside the vehicle or moving it due to tampering with the transmission, accident, exploitation of weak souls and stealing vehicles.

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