Australian woman neglects calls, emails not being aware she won jackpot prize worth AUD 100,000

An Australian woman has been unintentionally ignoring calls of the lottery officials, not being aware that she has won a jackpot sum amount worth AUD 100,000.

Canberra: An Australian woman has been unintentionally ignoring calls of the lottery officials, not being aware that she has won a jackpot sum amount worth AUD 100,000.

The woman is a resident of Frenchs Forest, New South Wales. Informing about the incident to the local media, the lady bought a ticket on February 25, 2022, then drew the lottery ticket at and left it open as she got engaged with her work and forgot about it.


Later, the lady finds out that she has won a lottery after she one day decides to check her account.

The cherry on the cake is that the lady had also won a consolation prize worth AUD 1,000. This means that the total sum amount won by the lady in the lottery rises to AUD 101,000.

Australian woman stated, “I received few phone calls as well as emails straight after the draw, but I did not remember the phone number or email, so I did not answer or take any notice! I said to myself, ‘It is definitely a scam'”.

“I ignored the phone calls & emails for a time period of a few days, and then eventually, one day, I decided to log in to my online – The Lott account to check the update on lottery, it is then when I decided to It all started to make sense when I discovered I had won $100,000!”.

“I then directly went to my husband straight away, and we were checking the results back and forth – we could not believe it. I will have to take everything in first and wait for the prize to land into my bank account before deciding what I will spend it on, but I know it will go to good use. I have been playing for about ten (10) years now, so I am just so excited to have won a major lottery prize!” the lady concluded.





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