Cristiano Ronaldo Hints at Retirement Date During Dubai Globe Soccer Awards

The Portuguese superstar, known for his illustrious career with clubs like Real Madrid and Manchester United, left the audience in suspense as he jokingly mentioned the looming end of his football journey

During the recent Globe Soccer Awards in Dubai, football icon Cristiano Ronaldo teased fans with a possible retirement date as he approaches his 39th birthday next month.

The Portuguese superstar, known for his illustrious career with clubs like Real Madrid and Manchester United, left the audience in suspense as he jokingly mentioned the looming end of his football journey.


Amidst the glittering ceremony at Atlantis, where Ronaldo secured the Best Middle East Player and Fans’ Favourite Player awards, he addressed the question of retirement with a hint of humour.

“At the moment, when I finish, I don’t know to be honest. But of course, (it) will be soon. Soon, I mean, 10 years more. But no, I’m joking,” Ronaldo chuckled, leaving fans wondering about the actual timeline of his eventual departure from the beautiful game.

Ronaldo, who has consistently faced comparisons with his contemporary Lionel Messi, shared insights into the motivation he derives from criticism throughout his stellar career.

“I’m always dealing with that,” he stated, emphasizing how overcoming challenges has been integral to his journey as a professional footballer.

The 22-year football veteran expressed that the critiques have fueled his determination to prove doubters wrong. “I’ve been a professional for 22 years. It is part of my journey.

To be a better man, a better player, a better father. So it’s good. I like it when people doubt me, and I prove again that I can be successful,” Ronaldo asserted, reflecting on the difficulties he faced last year and how they contributed to his growth.


He highlighted his outstanding performance this season: “I did a fantastic season. I was the best goal scorer. Imagine beating those animals, young lions like Haaland, for example, with goals. So, I’m proud. I’m 39 soon, and I’m still looking good.”

Despite nearing 39, Ronaldo continues to shine on the pitch, exemplified by his remarkable record of 20 goals in 18 Saudi Pro League matches this season, accompanied by nine assists.

The football maestro has also showcased his prowess in the AFC Champions League with three goals in four appearances. During the interview, Ronaldo also admired the Saudi Pro League, where he currently plays for Al Nassr.

Comparing it to other prominent leagues, he stated, “To be honest, the Saudi League is not worse than the French League, in my opinion. In the French league, you have two or three teams with a reasonable level. In Saudi, no. I think it is more competitive.

They can say whatever they want. It is just my opinion. I played there for one year, so I know what I’m talking about. But right now, I think we (Saudi Pro League) are better than the France league.”

Ronaldo’s stellar performance on the field was further recognized as he clinched the Maradona Award for Best Goalscorer at the Globe Soccer Awards, solidifying his status as one of the greatest footballers ever.

As the football world awaits the eventual retirement of the iconic Cristiano Ronaldo, fans are left speculating about the number of years the Portuguese sensation will continue to grace the pitch with his extraordinary talent.

For now, the only certainty is that Ronaldo’s impact on football will be remembered long after he decides to hang up his boots.


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Tariq Saeed

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